1. Sign up:

Sign up to participate in the 2019 Swatch Swap by filling out this form, or by sending an email to before September 4, 2019

Make sure the address you indicate is the one you want your book shipped to. If your address changes before November 15, please tell me. Swatches are due October 1.

2. Fee, payment

The fee is $35.00 USD, same fee to anywhere in the world, or $37 by Paypal, ($2 to cover Paypal fees)

If you paid early, and for some reason you do not participate, I will return you the money in full.

  • Paypal later: make a note in the package that you send with your swatches that you want Paypal, I will invoice you once your packet arrives and expect payment within a week
  • if not Paypal, then in your package send a US bank check, money order, international money order, payable to Yama Ploskonka. Sometimes you have to put my phone number, please email me.

3. Swatches:

  • Swatches measure about 2 x 3 inches (5 cm x 7.5 cm). Exact dimensions not required
  • Number of swatches is the number of participants plus a few extras (8 or so extra?). I am aiming at 100 participants. We will know for sure after September 4.
  • up to 3 batches of different paper, per participant. Just one batch is totally OK
  • Put each batch in a separate zip-lock bag or envelope, clearly labelled with your name and clear identification of the batch.

Yama Ploskonka

1400 Ruth Ave

Austin TX 78757

United States

  • Your paper can be made of fibers processed by you, industrial pulp, or recycled, or a combination of all the above. You can add inclusions but no live seeds or anything that could complicate international customs.
  • Write down a description/recipe of each batch. See next section.
  • A reasonable approximation of the dimension is acceptable, irregular deckle edges are OK. For example, you can get 18 swatches from a letter-size or A4 sheet of paper, just a tad smaller than the 2x3 inch advised.

4. Recipes or description

  • Please fill out this form for each one (up to 3) of your sets of swatches.
  • if you prefer a spreadsheet, here (I will enable access individually, send me an email please)

The space for the description or recipe is limited when I print each page, if you want to go into more details, use the "Advice" section. For examples of what a description/recipe looks like, see here:

5. Covers (optional, but much appreciated by all):

Each participant is asked, but not required, to make and send 2 covers, 8.5 x 11 inches, "letter" size. You will receive a book with 2 different handmade covers. I will make extras. Thin or more fragile paper may be glued to a stronger paper, or bookboard.

(a tad wider than A4 - 216 mm - is close enough for those across the pond - this dimension is not a critical matter).

For the covers, please aim for sheets of paper that are of a consistency and strength to be covers for a book that will be opened and closed multiple times and fondled with much love. Or glue to a support. Also make sure all inclusions are firmly attached. I guess that collage might be an option for people who usually don't make large paper, or just because collage is fun!

You may make and send more than 2 covers, if you wish !

Important: Please write your name and the main fiber(s) on what you would consider the back side of each cover sheet.

6. Advice, "ads"

  • 2018 editor Carvalho added a section with answers to tidbits and shared wisdom papermaker-to-papermaker. It makes for great reading! I'd like to continue that. (I have not yet implemented the form, sorry)
  • In my efforts to figure out how to help us help each other, I would want to have a "resources" section with short - no more than 1/4 page - "advertisements" of our studios, products, classes, websites. This remains to be implemented, participation would be totally optional and at no additional cost. (still to-do)

7. Rights

You do keep copyright to your data and work while agreeing to share it as Creative Commons CC-by-sa 4.0 international so that paper making knowledge will be available to as many as possible, freely, now and later.

I also intend to be as reasonably careful about personal information (email, mailing addresses) and not publish those, but, in this day and age, we all know how that often fails. Please be aware of this.

8. Ship swatches

Yama Ploskonka / 1400 Ruth Ave. / Austin TX 78757 / United States


This is a FIRM DEADLINE and will not be extended unless it is a dire emergency. Emergencies do happen, I should know... But let's keep them to a minimum, shall we?

Your package should include:

  1. Your swatches of each recipe in a separate zip-lock bag or envelope with your name on it and clear identification/description for each set of swatches.
  2. Your covers.
  3. Your participation fee


Please don't hesitate to contact me directly any time during the swap if you have questions or concerns. If you cannot meet the deadline, please let me know immediately. The important thing is TO KEEP IN TOUCH!

My personal email is . Don't be shy to write me if you have any questions!

Have fun!