2019-2020 Parlier High School Band and Color Guard Handbook/Syllabus

Grading Policy

Participation = 50%

Students will receive 1 point of participation for every hour of class and/or rehearsal. Students that are tardy, unprepared, not participating, or being disruptive during class will forfeit their 1 point for that hour.

Test = 13%

Written, playing, and performance based tests will be given for every class. Students may retake a test as many times necessary to improve their grade until the day that grades must be submitted for the semester. A test retake may only occur once a day.

Scales = 12%

A new scale will be taught each week. Students will play a major scale up and down with an arpeggio at the end on their respective instrument. Scale playing tests will begin on Thursdays and and makeup will be on Friday or any prearranged time after school.

Performances = 25%

Public performances are the ultimate goal for all band and color guard classes. Performances may include sporting events, concerts, and parades. The purpose of the band and color guard is to perform for an audience. Please check the Events page for upcoming performances.

Failure to attend a performance will result in the student receiving a 0 for that particular performance. There are no make-ups for a missed performance. Similar to athletes, you can not make up a game that you missed. Football players in the NFL can not make up the Super Bowl if they miss it.

If there is a conflict with a student missing a performance, it is their responsibility to contact Mr. Tanaleon prior to the performance.

Extra Credit

Student will have extra credit opportunities throughout the semester. All extra credit assignments will be arranged by Mr. Tanaleon.


I understand that life has unexpected events and conflicts occur. Each conflict will be dealt on a case by case basis.