Parlier HS Band & Guard Flow Chart.pdf

Period 1


Period 2

Beginning Band - Woodwinds

This is a beginning woodwind class open to all students on campus. Music class focused on flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, and bassoon. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of playing the mention instruments. Students will learn how to create a proper embouchure and proper finger technique for their instrument.

Period 3

Beginning Band - Brass

This is a beginning brass class open to all students on campus. Brass class focused on trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba. Students will learn to establish a buzzing embouchure to produce a sound on their brass instrument. Students will learn primary skills and develop their technique throughout the semester.

Period 4

Beginning Band - Percussion

This is a beginning brass class open to all students on campus. This class is specifically for percussion instruments. Students will learn to play marching drums, keyboard instruments (marimba, vibraphone), and concert percussion. Students will learn proper drumming technique, stick/mallet control, and basic percussion rudiments.

Period 5

Concert Band

This is a traditional band class. All students from woodwind, brass, and percussion class will combine to form the concert band. Concert Band provides students the opportunity to listen and play in a large group setting. Students will learn advanced music theory and ear training.

Period 6

Color Guard

Color guard is an integral part in establishing a marching band and is open to all students on campus. Students will learn to spin flag, rifle, and sabre as well as ballet and jazz dance.

Period 7

Marching Band

**Students must be concurrently enrolled in Concert Band or Color Guard** Counts towards PE credit. Students will utilize what they learned in Beginning Band Percussion, Brass, Woodwind, and Color Guard and apply to Marching Band. Students will learn the basics of marching such as staying in beat, step, and dressing the lines and forms. Students will perform in football games, parades, and competitions.