Swarm Collection

If you see what looks like a huge cloud of bees, making a loud buzzing noise, that is a swarm! It is quite natural and swarming bees are usually harmless - but keep pets and children indoors just in case.

The swarm will eventually come to rest as a large ball of bees on a tree, bush or wall. It may go into a hole in a wall or a hollow tree.

Call or text us on 07974 411462 stating where the swarm is, how long you think it has been there and roughly how big it is - the size of a football, or bigger, or the size of a tennis ball. Is it on a bush or high up in a tree or on a fence or has it gone into a hole in a tree or a wall? This helps us to plan what equipment we'll need. If possible, try to take a photograph and send to us via WhatsApp again on 07974 411462.

We will send someone round as quickly as possible to collect the swarm and remove it. If the swarm is not collected, it will probably die off, so you are doing the bees a favour by reporting them.

We do not charge to collect swarms from gardens; however, where bees have entered and settled within buildings or chimneys, there will be a charge to cover our time and equipment needed for the removal.

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