Comb Honey

Cut Comb Honey

Approximately 8oz - £6.50

Comb honey, in simplest terms, is the rawest form of honey available. The worker bee “architects” build tiny beeswax hexagons to give their young a place to develop and grow, to allow for the storage of pollen and nectar, and of course, a place to house the honey they produce.

We take the frames whose hexagons are filled only with honey, cut that comb honey into squares, and place it in a box for you to take home. No human hands have come into contact with your honey.

Comb honey is raw honey packaged in its own edible package!

Pick up some of our award winning Cut Comb Honey now from Pant Derwen Apiary.

Our Cut Comb Honey is only available direct from our Apiary Shop in Bridgend. Please call to check availability.