About Us

Pant Derwen Apiary is owned and managed by me, Dafydd Pett with a little help from my dad. It was founded over 50 years ago by my grandfather, Mike Pett who was given some old equipment by his father in law and invested in a single hive with his friend Trevor. They were going to make their first million through beekeeping!

These days, Pant Derwen Apiary manage around 90 colony's of bees producing honey from 6 apiaries within the Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan Counties in South Wales.

Our honey is sought after throughout the world with customers living throughout Europe and America.

We now produce a variety of honeys including liquid, set, soft set, cut comb and chunk, all of which are pure and untreated. Nothing added, nothing taken away..... apart from the wax cappings!

We are also rated a 5 by the Food Standards Agency.

We also breed bees and every spring have a small quantity of nucleus hives available. Call us for availability or to get added to our waiting list.

Owner, Dafydd Pett

Founder, Mike Pett

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July 1977