Pankaj Saharia is interested in photography particularly related to nature and the environment. He enjoys following National Geographic for inspiration and capturing awesome shots of his own of nearby wildlife as well as plant life and nature scenes. He is working on developing his photographer profile and experimenting with different camera angles, lighting, and other adjustments to make his photography really stand out.

From a young age, Pankaj Saharia always enjoyed exploring and adventuring outside. He has always demonstrated a great appreciation for nature and the world around him, picking up trash, recycling, and encouraging others to keep their surrounding environment clean. He started out drawing his favorite animals and nature scenes and began experimenting with photography as soon as he was old enough to hold a camera. Later on, he began taking photography classes in school and turned it into a favorite hobby and part time job.

With this photography Pankaj Saharia likes to keep things simple. His favorite moments to capture involve peaceful outdoor scenery such as snowfall on a wooded path or snowflakes falling from the sky. He also loves the autumn season for the many bright and beautiful colors of the trees. In the summer, he enjoys capturing photos near the water with boats, birds, beaches, and other summer themed topics. In the spring, he goes out in search of the most colorful and unique looking flowers.

Pankaj Saharia Nature Photography

National Geographic

Pankaj Saharia has always been an avid fan of National Geographic with its many educational programs and other resources that are constantly making the world a better place. National Geographic demonstrates a great appreciation for nature and strives to help individuals improve society and develop effective solutions to environmental issues big and small. As a nonprofit scientific and educational organization, National Geographic is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of exploration in order to better understand the planet we live on and how we can push towards a more sustainable future for plants, animals, humans, and the Earth as a whole.

Along with their missions to positively change the world, National Geographic is also well known for their outstanding photography capturing animals thriving in their natural habitats. There is no better way to experience and learn about the world than through real photographic images of these animals up close, feeling as though you are there exploring yourself.