Economists Grabbing Coffee (#EconBrew)

This is a continuously growing list of PhD holding (or soon to be) economists (and economics-adjacent folks) in academic (and academic-adjacent) positions who would be happy to grab coffee with colleagues visiting their city once it's safe to do so again. Much in the spirit of #EconTwitter, the list is intended to open doors for informal, relaxed communication, peer-to-peer research conversations, and maybe even co-authorships down the line.

Started March 2020, EconBrew now has over 250(!) economists from 35+ US states and 35+ countries worldwide. The effort is particularly geared towards offsetting some of the loss stemming from the vast majority of professional conferences being cancelled for much of 2020 and being moved online for 2021. Conferences are often excellent venues to meet fellow researchers. With those limited, I hope this list can serve as one of the many steps we can take to start new research conversations post-pandemic.

Additionally, some of those who signed up are open to chatting with colleagues over Zoom already now, regardless of location. Everyone who is open to virtual meets has a note with their entry to indicate this. (Just search the page for "Zoom" and you'll find them quickly.) Feel free to go ahead and reach out!

If you would like to be listed here as someone happy to grab coffee with a colleague, please sign up here: https://forms.gle/qsVHcAGGESJn1zeb7

If you end up meeting someone through this list, I encourage you to tag your tweets with the hashtag #EconBrew. I'd love to see all the professional connections made thanks to the list! (Feel free to also tag or DM me the update.)



Birmingham: Art Carden, Samford University

If you have a paper you'd like to present, let me know and I'll try to find you an audience.

Birmingham: Monica Aswani, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Birmingham: Joy Buchanan, Samford University

Mobile: Urvashi Jain, University of South Alabama


Tempe: Sayahnika Basu, Arizona State University

Until May 2021.


Little Rock: Rhet Smith, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Berkeley: Marianne Bitler, UC Davis

Also often in Davis, CA.

Claremont: CarlyWill Sloan, Claremont Graduate University

Davis: Dalia Ghanem, University of California, Davis

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Davis: Wesley Miller, Texas A&M University, wamiller@tamu.edu

Los Angeles: Julia Pollak, ZipRecruiter, Julia.pollak@ziprecruiter.com

Los Angeles: Carolyn Sloane, UC Riverside

Los Angeles: Emily Nix, University of Southern California

Palo Alto: Liam Rose, Department of Veterans Affairs

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Pasadena: Kirby Nielsen, California Institute of Technology

Sacramento: Rowena Gray, UC Merced

San Francisco: Andrew Hobbs, University of San Francisco

Open to chatting over Zoom.

San Jose: Darwyyn Deyo, San Jose State University

Research interests: Law and Economics, Health Economics, Occupational Licensing

San Diego: Chase Eck, The University of Arizona

Until May 2021.

Santa Cruz: Ajay Shenoy, UC Santa Cruz


Denver: Chloe East, University of Colorado Denver

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Denver: Ben Gilbert, Colorado School of Mines


Hartford/Storrs: Remy Levin, University of Connecticut

New Haven: Daniela Morar, Yale University

Storrs: Nishith Prakash, University of Connecticut


Gbenga Ajilore, Center for American Progress, gajilore@americanprogress.org

Elena Falcettoni, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Sharat Ganapati, Georgetown University

Sebastian Gallegos, Inter-American Development Bank

Karen Hamrick, National Science Foundation, khamrick@nsf.gov

Sandile Hlatshwayo, International Monetary Fund

Research interests: Macro, International Trade, Policy Uncertainty, Text-based analytics, ML.

Filip Jolevski, The World Bank, filip@jolevski.com

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Luca Mazzone, International Monetary Fund

Claudia Persico, American University

Hannah Randolph, American University

Job market candidate 20/21.

Aarti Reddy, American University, ar3521a@american.edu

Dani Sandler, U.S. Census Bureau

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Will Wheeler, U.S. EPA, wheeler.william@epa.gov

I work at the EPA, so mostly do environmental economics.


Fort Myers: Amir B. Ferreira Neto, Florida Gulf Coast University

Orlando: Melanie Guldi, University of Central Florida

Drop a line if you’d like to give a seminar. Open to chatting over Zoom.


Atlanta: Chris Cunningham, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta/Emory

Research interests: Urban, public, real estate.

Atlanta: Christoph Herpfer, Emory University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Atlanta: Daniel Ludwinski, Oxford College of Emory University

Atlanta: Farhan Majid, IMPAQ

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Atlanta: Ian McCarthy, Emory University


Champaign/Urbana: Rebecca Hinze-Pifer, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Chicago: Panka Bencsik, University of Chicago

Chicago: Guglielmo Briscese, The University of Chicago

Until 2022.

Chicago: Chris Clapp, University of Chicago

Chicago: Ezra Karger, Chicago Fed

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Chicago: Javaeria Qureshi, University of Illinois at Chicago

From September 2020 until August 2021: visiting at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Chicago: Gina Pieters, University of Chicago

I can talk about teaching at the university level (which most PhD programs teach nothing about). Also cryptocurrency research.

Chicago: Ethan Spangler, JPMorgan

Chicago: Srini Vasudevan, University of Chicago

Edwardsville: Alicia Plemmons, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

I live right outside St. Louis!

Evanston: Anna Paulson, Chicago Fed

Open to chatting over Zoom.


Bloomington: Denvil Duncan, Indiana University

Indianapolis: Mark Chin, Harvard University

Indianapolis: Alex Hollingsworth, Indiana University

South Bend: Chloe Gibbs, University of Notre Dame

West Lafayette: Jillian Carr, Purdue University

Not ashamed to order a PSL


Des Moines: Matt Clancy, Iowa State University

Iowa City : Austin Moss, University of Iowa

Research interests: Accounting/Finance

Iowa City: Ben Solow, University of Iowa

Until July 2021. Open to chatting over Zoom.


Lexington: David R. Agrawal, University of Kentucky

Research interests: Public finance / Urban.


Baton Rouge: Cody Nehiba, Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge: Abigail Peralta, Louisiana State University

Can offer beignets with the coffee! Open to chatting over Zoom.


Amherst: Manasvini Singh, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Boston: Laura Gáti, Boston College

Until summer 2021.

Boston: Julio Ortiz, Boston University

Until May 2021. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Boston: Elizabeth Setren, Tufts University

Boston: Bitsy Perlman, US Census Bureau

Also often in DC.

Boston: Wei Yang Tham, Harvard Business School

Until 2022.

Boston: Miguel Ángel Santos, Harvard Kennedy School

Boston: Sam (Ruiqing) Cao, Harvard Business School / NBER

Cambridge: Andrey Fradkin, Boston University

Northampton and Boston: Simon Halliday, Smith College

I move between Boston and Northampton regularly.

Williamstown: Sarah Jacobson, Williams College

I'm in rural western Massachusetts; 1 hr from Northampton/Amherst; 3 hrs from Boston


Baltimore: Lauren Hersch Nicholas, Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore: Dominic Smith, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Can grab coffee in DC or Baltimore. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Salisbury: Jill Caviglia-Harris, Salisbury University

Happy to host anyone down this way. Environmental economist with lots of interests.

Silver Spring: Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, Bureau of Labor Statistics

I work near Union Station in Washington, DC.

Silver Spring: Catherine Hensly, American University, ch1323a@student.american.edu

Until August 2021.

St. Mary's City: Linden McBride, St. Mary's College of Maryland


Ann Arbor: Dyanne Vaught, University of Michigan

Houghton: Laura Connolly, Michigan Technological University

Primary research interests: labor economics, international trade, and gender. Happy to chat about anything -- research, teaching, and many other things! Open to chatting over Zoom.

Kalamazoo: Thomas Weinandy, Western Michigan University

Primary interests are in applied micro, IO, data science and tech, but I'll chat about anything Econ!


Minneapolis: Andrew Goodman-Bacon, Minneapolis Fed (OIGI)

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Northfield: Allison Luedtke, St. Olaf College

Open to chatting over Zoom.


Kansas City: Jeffrey Bloem, University of Minnesota

Kansas City: William Duncan, Baker University, wduncan@bakeru.edu

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Columbia: Brittany Street, University of Missouri


Bozeman: Carly Urban, Montana State University

Also up for skiing or mtn biking!


Reno: Anaka Aiyar, University of Nevada, Reno

North Carolina

Durham: Adam Soliman, Duke University

Until May 2023. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Durham: Kalina Staub, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Happy to chat about teaching undergraduates and always looking for economists who want to chat with our Women in Economics Club. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Greensboro: Martin Andersen, UNC Greensboro

New Jersey

Jersey City: Paul Ko, Pennsylvania State University

Until summer 2021. Open to chatting over Zoom.

New York

Canton: Guanyi Yang, St. Lawrence University, gyang@stlawu.edu

Ithaca: Anne Burton, Cornell University

Until May 2021.

Ithaca: Nicholas Sanders, Cornell University

Ithaca: Katherine Wen, Cornell University

Also often in NYC.

New York: Leticia Arroyo Abad, CUNY, leticia.abad@qc.cuny.edu

Also available in Washington, DC.

New York: Loujaina Abdelwahed, The Cooper Union

My research interests are in natural resources and inequality. Would love to discuss my ongoing projects as well as potential collaborative projects. Open to chatting over Zoom.

New York: Mallory Avery, University of Pittsburgh

Very happy to Zoom. Interested in gender, health, experimental, almost everything!

New York: Yonatan Berman, CUNY Graduate Center

Until June 2020.

New York: Maria Fernanda Rosales, Rutgers University

New York: Jimena González-Ramírez, Manhattan College

Environmental economist with interests in behavioral economics.

New York: Arpit Gupta, NYU Stern

New York: Mary Kaltenberg, Pace university

Open to chatting over Zoom.

New York: Jake Krimmel, University of Pennsylvania

Federal Reserve Board; Washington, DC; starting August 1, 2021.

New York: Todd Yarbrough, Pace University, tyarbrough@pace.edu

Rochester: Elaine Hill, University of Rochester

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Syracuse: Hugo Jales, Syracuse University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Troy: Billur Aksoy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Columbus: Darcy Hartman, The Ohio State University

Columbus: Ida Mirzaie, Ohio State University

Columbus: Zoë Plakias, Ohio State University

Main area of research is domestic agriculture + food systems, but I have many interests!

Monclova: James Bland, The University of Toledo

Open to chatting over Zoom.


Oklahoma City: Travis Roach, University of Central Oklahoma


Eugene: Jonathan Davis, University of Oregon

Forest Grove: Phil Ruder, Pacific University

I am near Portland, OR. Especially interested in active learning pedagogy. Open to chatting over Zoom.


Easton: Erin Cottle Hunt, Lafayette College

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Philadelphia: Chris Severen, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Shippensburg: Shishir Shakya, Shippensburg University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

State College: Jadrian Wooten, Penn State University, jjw27@psu.edu

Happy to discuss research or chat about anything.

Rhode Island

Providence: Jesse Bruhn, Brown University

Providence: Mike DiNardi, University of Rhode Island

South Carolina

Columbia: Jessica Brown, University of South Carolina

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Columbia: Orgul Ozturk, University of South Carolina

Greenville: John Strandholm, University of South Carolina Upstate

South Dakota

Sioux Falls: Jake Mortenson, Joint Committee on Taxation

Happy to grab a coffee if you find yourself in SFSD!


Knoxville: Matt Harris, University of Tennessee, mharris@utk.edu

Knoxville: Marianne Wanamaker, University of Tennessee

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Nashville: Analisa Packham, Vanderbilt University

Nashville: Brian Beach, Vanderbilt University


Austin: Li Feng, Texas State University

Research interests: economics of education, labor economics.

Austin: Andrew Waxman, University of Texas at Austin

Research interests: Environmental and urban economics. Open to chatting over Zoom.

College Station: Benjamin Ogden, Texas A&M

Economist in political science department, happy to talk about moving across disciplines. From August to December 2020 on leave, happy to chat in Baltimore/DC during the fall.

San Antonio: Steve Schwab, Army-Baylor

Southlake: Daniel Millimet, Southern Methodist University


American Fork: Olga Stoddard, Brigham Young University

Logan: Katarzyna Bilicka, Utah State University

Open to chatting over Zoom.


Alexandria: Fariha Kamal, US Census Bureau

Research interests in international trade. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Alexandria: Stephen Popick, GWU / FDIC, stephenpopick@gmail.com

Charlottesville: Sebastian Tello-Trillo, University of Virginia

Lexington: Tim Murray, Virginia Military Institute

Happy to meet anywhere between Blacksburg to Richmond.

Williamsburg: Luis Baldomero-Quintana, William & Mary

Happy to meet in any part between Richmond and Williamsburg. Also, I visit DC frequently. Open to chatting over Zoom.


Burlington: Akhil Rao, Middlebury College, akhilr@middlebury.edu

Middlebury: Amanda Gregg, Middlebury College


Bellingham: Brandon Dupont, Western Washington University

Seattle: Nick Huntington-Klein, Seattle University

Research interests: Labor, education, programming, causal inference. Seattle has great cafes, unsurprisingly.


Madison: Clint Harris, University of Wisconsin

Research interests: Labor, Economics of Education, Applied Metrics. Until June 2021. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Madison: Katie Jajtner, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Madison: Yiwei Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Laramie: Christelle Khalaf, University of Wyoming

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Outside of the USA


Bahía Blanca: Fernando Gonzalez, Universidas Nacional del Sur, faigonzalez@iiess-conicet.gob.ar


Linz: Alexander Ahammer, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Vienna: Esther Arenas Arroyo, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Dhaka: Suborna Barua, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Antwerp: Sunčica Vujić, University of Antwerp

Brussels: Ilan Tojerow, ULB

Research interests: Labor, health, disability, applied micro

Leuven: Vitezslav Titl, KU Leuven


Cruz das Almas: Claudiano Carneiro da Cruz Neto, Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia

Sao Paulo: Nicolas Ajzenman, Sao Paulo School of Economics


Kamloops: Joel Wood, Thompson Rivers University

Kelowna: Andrea Craig, UBC Okanagan

Kelowna: Julien Picault, The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus

Montreal: Amine Ouazad, HEC Montreal

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Ottawa: Louis-Philippe Beland, Carleton University

Ottawa: Jonathan Swarbrick, Bank of Canada

Prince George: Liam Kelly, University of Northern British Columbia

Toronto: Jonathan Hall, University of Toronto

Toronto: Louis Bélisle, University of Toronto

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Vancouver: Kevin Schnepel, Simon Fraser University

Czech Republic

Prague: Petr Janský, Charles University , jansky.peta@gmail.com

Green tea or red wine (rather than coffee or beer).


Bogota: Raul Jimenez Mori, IDB Invest, rjimenez@iadb.org

Bogota: Juan Vargas, Universidad del Rosario

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Costa Rica

San José : Luis Ortiz, American Monetary Council, leortiz@uc.cl


Aarhus: Claes Bäckman, Aarhus University

Aarhus: Michael Rosholm, Aarhus University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Kolding: Brooks Kaiser, University of Southern Denmark


Helsinki: Miri Stryjan, Aalto University

Always happy to network and meet people, and as seminar organizer I have had to cancel many planned coffees and beers with visiting economists for this spring.


Paris: Juliette Crespin-Boucaud, Paris School of Economics

Until August 2021. From September 2021 in Barcelona, Spain. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Paris: Yajna Govind, Paris School of Economics

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Paris: Olivier Hubert, Banque de France, Olivier.hubert@banque-france.fr

Paris: Sara Signorelli, Paris School of Economics


Berlin: Kai Barron, WZB Berlin

Berlin: Levent Neyse, DIW & WZB, Berlin

Berlin: Hannes Ullrich, DIW Berlin and University of Copenhagen

Research interests: empirical IO with a focus on topics in health, competition, and regulation

Essen: Christoph Kronenberg, CINCH, University Duisburg-Essen

Duisburg, Düsseldorf and surroundings also possible.

Frankfurt am Main: Tom Holden, Deutsche Bundesbank

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Greifswald: Bernhard Michalowsky, University Medicine Greifswald, bernhard.michalowsky@dzne.de

Munich: Sofia Amaral, University of Munich

Munich: Paul Hufe, LMU Munich

Research interests: Public/Labor/Normative Econ. Until April 2021. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Stuttgart: Gregor Pfeifer, UCL

University of Sydney, Sydney, for 2021. Open to chatting over Zoom.


Athens: George Melios, University College London

Until June 2021. London, UK afterwards. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Athens: Filippos Petroulakis, Bank of Greece

Research interests: international macro, monetary, firm dynamics, productivity, digitalization.

Hong Kong

New Territories: Uchechi Anaduaka, Hong Kong Baptist University, usanaduaka@hkbu.edu.hk


Budapest: Robert Somogyi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, somogyi@finance.bme.hu

Budapest: Gábor Sztanó, Corvinus University of Budapest, gabor.sztano@outlook.com

Research interests: Monetary policy spillovers, international economy, digital finance, financial development, emerging markets


Bangalore: Ritwik Banerjee, IIM Bangalore

Bangalore: Srinivasan Murali, IIM Bangalore

Delhi: Shraman Banerjee, Shiv Nadar University

Research interests: Micro Theory, Mechanism Design, Social Learning

New Delhi: Dweepobotee Brahma, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy

Research interests: Development Economics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, Machine Learning. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Pune: Kanish Debnath, FLAME University

Research interests: Development Economics, Microfinance, Microinsurance. Open to chatting over Zoom.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: Basit Abdullah, Centre For Development Studies, basit.learner@gmail.com

Open to chatting over Zoom.


Dublin: Ben Elsner, University College Dublin

Also happy to have a Guinness in one of the iconic Dublin pubs.

Dublin: Margaret Samahita, University College Dublin

Research interests: behavioral economics, experimental economics, applied microeconomics.

Dublin: Alessia Paccagnini, University College Dublin

Limerick: Veeresh Thummadi, University of Limerick


Milan: Salvatore Nunnari, Bocconi University

Milan: Anna Rosso, University of Milan

Milan: Luis Sarmiento, RFF-CMCC: European Institute of Economics and the Environment, Luis.sarmiento@eire.org

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Pisa: Alessio Moneta, Sant'Anna School

Venice: Enrica Croda, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, enrica.croda@unive.it


Vilnius: Mariarosaria Comunale, Bank of Lithuania, mariarosaria.comunale@gmail.com

Vilnius: Rima Rubčinskaitė, Vilnius University, rima.putiene@gmail.com


Belval: Joël Machado, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, joel dot machado@liser dot lu

Esch-sur-Alzette: Martin Fernandez-Sanchez, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research

Luxembourg: Kelsey O'Connor, STATEC Research, IZA, GLO


Kajang: Nor Izzatina Abdul Aziz, National University of Malaysia

Research interests: behavioural economics, Asia. Open to chatting over Zoom.


Mexico City: Jorge Pérez Pérez, Banco de México

Research interests: Urban Economics, Labor Economics (Minimum Wage).


Leiden: Carolina Mattsson, Leiden University

Until 2022.

Maastricht: Katrin Gödker, Maastricht University

Also often in Hamburg (Germany).

Maastricht: Thomas Meissner, Maastricht University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Utrecht: Paul Adams, Authority for Financial Markets

Feel free to reach out if you're ever in the Netherlands, I can easily travel to most major cities.


Karachi: Agha Jahanzeb, IBA University Pakistan, aghajahanzeb@outlook.com

Research interests: Finance


Lisbon: Catia Batista, Nova SBE and NOVAFRICA, catia.batista@novasbe.pt

Research interests: development economics, international migration, and financial inclusion

Lisbon: João Pereira Dos Santos, Nova School of Business and Economics

Open to chatting over Zoom.


Bucharest: Nicoleta Petrica, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, nicoleta.petrica92@yahoo.com

Research interests: sustainability and smart cities


Moscow: Svetlana Rastvortseva, Higher School of Economics


Singapore: Sanjana Goswami, National University of Singapore

Open to chatting over Zoom.

South Africa

Johannesburg: Jesse Naidoo, University of Pretoria, jesse.naidoo@up.ac.za


Madrid: Marta C Lopes, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Stockholm: Erik Angner, Stockholm University

Stockholm: Jon de Quidt, IIES, Stockholm University


Geneva: Tammaro Terracciano, Swiss Finance Institute and University of Geneva

Lausanne: Luciano Somoza, Swiss Finance Institute - University of Lausanne

Zurich: Pietro Biroli, University of Zurich

Until August 2021. I have two kids who might join in the the meeting (no coffee for them).


Izmir: Mehmet Karaçuka, Ege University, mehmetkaracuka@gmail.com

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi: Jordan J. Norris, NYU Abu Dhabi

Research interests: Spatial, Trade, Macro.

United Kingdom

Birmingham: Emma Frew, University of Birmingham

Cambridge: Bastien Chabe-Ferret, Middlesex University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Edinburgh: Jan Ditzen, Heriot-Watt University

Research interests: Applied Econometrics, Spatial Econometrics, Panel-Time Series Econometrics, Cross-Sectional Dependence, Stata

Edinburgh: Lorenzo Neri, University of St Andrews

Edinburgh: Marco Pelliccia, Heriot-Watt University

Edinburgh: Mustapha Wasseja Mohammed, Heriot-Watt University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Glasgow: Héctor Rufrancos, University of Stirling

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Leamington Spa: Eleonora Alabrese, University of Warwick

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Leamington Spa: Ludovica Gazze, University of Warwick

London: Johanna Choumert-Nkolo, EDI Global

Research interests: Development Economics, Environmental Economics

London: Brendon McConnell, University of Southampton

London: Alberto Polo, Bank of England

Newcastle upon Tyne: Nils Braakmann, Newcastle University

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Norwich: Fabio Aricò, University of East Anglia

Norwich: Boon Han Koh, University of East Anglia

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Oxford: Jakub Lonsky, University of Oxford

Research interests: migration economics, the economics of crime

St Andrews: David Jaeger, University of St Andrews

Happy to grab a pint or a wee dram, too.

York: Lee Crawfurd, Center for Global Development, lcrawfurd@cgdev.org

Research interests: education and development economics. Open to chatting over Zoom.

York: Thilo R Huning, University of York

Open to chatting over Zoom.

Disclaimer: The list is open for signups from those fulfilling the above criteria. I take no responsibility for the list contents. Rights reserved for modifying the list. If you spot an error, please reach out over email at pankabencsik at uchicago dot edu.