Economists Grabbing Coffee (#EconBrew)

This is a continuously growing list of PhD holding economists (and economics-adjacent folks) in academic (and academic-adjacent) positions who would be happy to grab coffee with colleagues visiting their city. Much in the spirit of #EconTwitter, the list is intended to open doors for informal, relaxed communication, peer-to-peer research conversations, and maybe even co-authorships down the line.

Started mid-March 2020, EconBrew already has 100+(!!) economists from 24 US states and an additional 23 countries worldwide.

If you would like to be listed here as someone happy to grab coffee with a colleague, please sign up here: https://forms.gle/qsVHcAGGESJn1zeb7

If you end up meeting someone through this list, I encourage you to tag your tweets with the hashtag #EconBrew. I'd love to see all the professional connections made thanks to the list! (Feel free to also tag or DM me the update.)



Birmingham: Art Carden, Samford University, art.carden@gmail.com

If you have a paper you'd like to present, let me know and I'll try to find you an audience.

Birmingham: Monica Aswani, University of Alabama at Birmingham, aswani@uab.edu


Claremont: CarlyWill Sloan, Claremont Graduate University, carlywillsloan@gmail.com

Los Angeles: Carolyn Sloane, UC Riverside, csloane[at]ucr[dot]edu

Los Angeles: Emily Nix, USC, enix@usc.edu

Los Angeles: Urvashi Jain, University of Southern California, urvashij@usc.edu

Until July 2020. From August 2020: University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama

Sacramento: Rowena Gray, UC Merced, rowenaegray@gmail.com

San Jose: Darwyyn Deyo, San Jose State University, darwyyn.deyo@sjsu.edu

Research Areas: Law and Economics, Health Economics, Occupational Licensing

Stanford: Kirby Nielsen, Stanford University, kirbyknielsen@gmail.com

Until July 2020. From August 2020: Pasadena, CA.


Denver: Ben Gilbert, Colorado School of Mines, bgilbert@mines.edu


Storrs: Nishith Prakash, University of Connecticut, nishith.prakash@uconn.edu


Claudia Persico, American University, cpersico@american.edu

Karen Hamrick, National Science Foundation, khamrick@nsf.gov

Sandile Hlatshwayo, International Monetary Fund, sandileh@gmail.com

Macro, International Trade, Policy Uncertainty, Text-based analytics, ML

Sharat Ganapati, Georgetown University, sg1390 at georgetown dot edu

Will Wheeler, U.S. EPA, wheeler.william@epa.gov

I work at the EPA, so mostly do environmental economics.

Gbenga Ajilore, Center for American Progress, gajilore@americanprogress.org


Fort Myers: Amir B. Ferreira Neto, Florida Gulf Coast University, aborgesferreiraneto at fgcu.edu


Atlanta: Ian McCarthy, Emory University, ian.mccarthy@emory.edu

Atlanta: Manasvini Singh, Emory University, manasvini.singh@emory.edu

Until July 2020. From August 2020: University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA.


Chicago: Chris Clapp, University of Chicago, cclapp@uchicago.edu

Chicago: Ethan Spangler, JPMorgan, eospangler@gmail.com

Chicago: Gina Pieters, University of Chicago, gcpieters@uchicago.edu

I can talk about teaching at the university level (which most PhD programs teach nothing about). Also cryptocurrency research.

Chicago: Guglielmo Briscese, The University of Chicago, gubri@uchicago.edu

Until 2022.

Chicago: Javaeria Qureshi, University of Illinois at Chicago, javaeria@uic.edu

Until August 2020. From September 2020 until August 2021: visiting at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Chicago: Panka Bencsik, University of Chicago, pankabencsik at uchicago dot edu

Chicago: Srini Vasudevan, University of Chicago, svasudevan2@uchicago.edu

Edwardsville: Alicia Plemmons, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, aplemmo@siue.edu

I live right outside St. Louis!


Bloomington: Denvil Duncan, Indiana University, duncande@indiana.edu

Indianapolis: Alex Hollingsworth, Indiana University, Hollinal@indiana.edu

South Bend: Chloe Gibbs, University of Notre Dame, Cgibbs1@nd.edu

West Lafayette: Jillian Carr, Purdue University, carr56@purdue.edu

Not ashamed to order a PSL


Boston: Elizabeth Setren, Tufts University, elizabeth.setren at tufts dot edu

Boston: Bitsy Perlman, US Census Bureau, elisabeth.perlman@alumni.carleton.edu

Also often in DC.

Boston: Wei Yang Tham, Harvard Business School, weiyang.tham@gmail.com

Until 2022.

Boston: Miguel Ángel Santos, Harvard Kennedy School, miguel_santos@hks.harvard.edu

Boston: Sam (Ruiqing) Cao, Harvard Business School / NBER, rcao@nber.org

Cambridge: Andrey Fradkin, Boston University, fradkin@bu.edu

Williamstown: Sarah Jacobson, Williams College, saj2@williams.edu

I'm in rural western Massachusetts; 1 hr from Northampton/Amherst; 3 hrs from Boston


Baltimore: Lauren Hersch Nicholas, Johns Hopkins University, lauren.nicholas@jhu.edu

Salisbury: Jill Caviglia-Harris, Salisbury University, Jlcaviglia-harris@salisbury.edu

Happy to host anyone down this way. Environmental economist with lots of interests.

Silver Spring: Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Handwerker underscore E at BLS dot gov

I work near Union Station in Washington, DC.

North Carolina

Greensboro: Martin Andersen, UNC Greensboro, msander4@uncg.edu

New York

Ithaca: Nicholas Sanders, Cornell University, njsanders@cornell.edu

New York: Arpit Gupta, NYU Stern, arpit.gupta@stern.nyu.edu

New York: Jimena González-Ramírez, Manhattan College, jimena.gonzalez@manhattan.edu

Environmental economist with interests in behavioral economics.

New York: Maria Fernanda Rosales, Rutgers University, maria.rosales@rutgers.edu

New York: Yonatan Berman, CUNY Graduate Center, yberman@gc.cuny.edu

Until June 2020.

New York: Leticia Arroyo Abad, CUNY, leticia.abad@qc.cuny.edu

Also available in Washington, DC.


Columbus: Zoë Plakias, Ohio State University, plakias.2@osu.edu

Main area of research is domestic agriculture + food systems, but I have many interests!


Eugene: Jonathan Davis, University of Oregon, Jdavis5@uoregon.edu


Philadelphia: Luca Mazzone, University of Pennsylvania, University of Zürich, luca.g.mazzone@gmail.com

Here during July 2020. From September 2020 IMF.

State College: Jadrian Wooten, Penn State University, jjw27@psu.edu

Happy to discuss research or chat about anything.

Rhode Island

Providence: Mike DiNardi, University of Rhode Island, michael_dinardi@uri.edu

South Carolina

Columbia: Jessica Brown, University of South Carolina, Jessica dot Brown at Moore dot sc dot edu

Columbia: Orgul Ozturk, University of South Carolina, odozturk@moore.sc.edu


Knoxville: Matt Harris, University of Tennessee, mharris@utk.edu

Nashville: Analisa Packham, Vanderbilt University, Analisa.packham@vanderbilt.edu

Nashville: Brian Beach, Vanderbilt University, Brian.Beach@vanderbilt.edu


Austin: Li Feng, Texas State University, Li.Feng@txstate.edu

Economics of education; labor economics.

College Station: Benjamin Ogden, Texas A&M, bgogden@tamu.edu

Economist in political science department, happy to talk about moving across disciplines. From August to December 2020 on leave, happy to chat in Baltimore/DC during the fall.

Southlake: Daniel Millimet, Southern Methodist University, millimet@smu.edu


American Fork: Olga Stoddard, Brigham Young University, stoddardolga@gmail.com


Alexandria: Stephen Popick, GWU / FDIC, stephenpopick@gmail.com

Charlottesville: Sebastian Tello-Trillo, University of Virginia, sebastian.tello@virginia.edu

Lexington: Tim Murray, Virginia Military Institute, murrayta@vmi.edu

Happy to meet anywhere between Blacksburg to Richmond.


Burlington: Akhil Rao, Middlebury College, akhilr@middlebury.edu


Madison: Yiwei Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, cyzhang@wisc.edu

Outside of the USA


Dhaka: Suborna Barua, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, sbarua@du.ac.bd


Antwerp: Sunčica Vujić, University of Antwerp, suncica.vujic@gmail.com

Brussels: Ilan Tojerow, ULB, itojerow@ulb.ac.be

Labor, health, disability, applied micro.


Sao Paulo: Nicolas Ajzenman, Sao Paulo School of Economics, Nicolas.ajzenman@fgv.br


Kelowna: Julien Picault, The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, julien.picault@ubc.ca

Montreal: Amine Ouazad, HEC Montreal, amine.ouazad at hec dot ca

Vancouver: Kevin Schnepel, Simon Fraser University, kevin_schnepel@sfu.ca

Czech Republic

Prague: Petr Janský, Charles University , jansky.peta@gmail.com

Green tea or red wine (rather than coffee or beer).


Aarhus: Claes Bäckman, Aarhus University, Claes.backman@econ.au.dk

Aarhus: Jordan J. Norris, Aarhus University, jjnorris@nyu.edu

Until July 2020. From August 2020 NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE. Interests: Spatial, Trade, Macro.


Paris: Martin Fernandez-Sanchez, Paris School of Economics, m.fernandez-sanchez@psemail.eu

Until July 2020. From September 2020 LISER, Luxembourg.

Paris: Olivier Hubert, Banque de France, Olivier.hubert@banque-france.fr


Berlin: Hannes Ullrich, DIW Berlin and University of Copenhagen, hullrich@diw.de

I am an empirical IO Economist with focus on topics in health, competition, and regulation.


Budapest: Robert Somogyi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, somogyi@finance.bme.hu


Bangalore: Ritwik Banerjee, IIM Bangalore, ritwikbanerjee@iimb.ac.in

Delhi: Shraman Banerjee, Shiv Nadar University, shraman.banerjee14@gmail.com

Micro Theory, Mechanism Design, Social Learning.


Dublin: Ben Elsner, University College Dublin, benjamin dot elsner at ucd dot ie

Also happy to have a Guinness in one of the iconic Dublin pubs.

Dublin: Margaret Samahita, University College Dublin, margaret.samahita@ucd.ie

Research interest: behavioral economics, experimental economics, applied microeconomics.

Dublin: Alessia Paccagnini, University College Dublin, alessia.paccagnini@ucd.ie


Tel-Aviv: Miri Stryjan, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Miristry@gmail.com

Until August 2020. From September 2020 Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Always happy to network and meet people, and as seminar organizer I have had to cancel many planned coffees and beers with visiting economists for this spring.


Milan: Anna Rosso, University of Milan, Italy, anna.rosso@unimi.it

Milan: Salvatore Nunnari, Bocconi University , salvatore dot nunnari at unibocconi dot it

Pisa: Alessio Moneta, Sant'Anna School, a dot moneta at santannapisa dot it

Venice : Enrica Croda, Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italy), enrica.croda@unive.it


Vilnius: Mariarosaria, Bank of Lithuania, mariarosaria.comunale@gmail.com

Vilnius: Rima Rubčinskaitė, Vilnius University, rima.putiene@gmail.com


Belval: Joël Machado, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, joel dot machado@liser dot lu


Utrecht: Paul Adams, Authority for Financial Markets, paulduncanadams@gmail.com

Feel free to reach out if you're ever in the Netherlands, I can easily travel to most major cities.


Karachi: Agha Jahanzeb, IBA University Pakistan, aghajahanzeb@outlook.com

Interested more in Finance.


Lisbon: Catia Batista, Nova SBE and NOVAFRICA, catia.batista@novasbe.pt

Most interested in development economics, international migration, and financial inclusion.


Moscow: Svetlana Rastvortseva, Higher School of Economics, Srastvortseva@gmail.com

South Africa

Johannesburg: Jesse Naidoo, University of Pretoria, jesse.naidoo@up.ac.za


Stockholm: Erik Angner, Stockholm University, erik.angner@philosophy.su.se


Zurich: Pietro Biroli, University of Zurich, pietro.biroli@econ.uzh.ch

Until August 2021. I have two kids who might join in the the meeting (no coffee for them).

United Kingdom

Oxford: Jakub Lonsky, University of Oxford, jakub.lonsky@compas.ox.ac.uk

My research interests are in migration economics and the economics of crime.

Disclaimer: The list is open for signups from those fulfilling the above criteria. I take no responsibility for the list contents. Rights reserved for modifying the list. If you spot an error, please reach out over email at pankabencsik at uchicago dot edu.