The Power of Good Bookshops

Do we need bookshops in the twenty-first century? If so, what makes a good one? In the age of one-click shopping, why are bookshops – and how do they become – essential places of discovery, refuge, and fulfillment that enrich the communities that are lucky enough to have them.

Special guest: Jeff Deutsch, director of Chicago’s Seminary Co-Op Bookstores and author of the book In Praise of Good Bookstores. Jeff is this year’s Adam Helms Lecturer at Uppsala University. Visit Jeff’s website at

Join the panel discussion on the role of the physical bookshop in contemporary society with Jeff Deutsch, Mats Ahlström (former president of the Swedish Booksellers Association), and Jan Smedh (co-founder of The English Bookshop). The discussion is in English.

The event is free, but ticketed – book your ticket today with the bookshop. (Since seating is limited, please only book if you can make it).

Sign up on the web form below (also available here)

UPPSALA Wednesday 13th September 2023 at 19:00

at The English Bookshop, Svartbäcksgatan 19 in Uppsala. 

Organised by The English Bookshop in collaboration with Svenska Bokhandlareföreningen.

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