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Bamboo with its characteristic is very exotic to make any kind of products including home deco and accessories and also for outdoor cause its strength. We can find many kind of bamboo in Indonesia. The things that make different are size, color and type of bamboo itself.

For our products, we use Bamboo Cendani (Light color / Diameter 0.5-3cm, Wulung (Black color / Diameter 4-10cm), Apus (White Color / Diameter 3-7cm), Petung (Light color / big Diameter start from 10cm-20cm). Based on typical of bamboo, we can make many products such as fence, divider, basket, tray, furniture, lamp, candle holder, bamboo stick, pole etc and also we can combine with wood and other natural material.


Our company was established in 2003. It’s Located at the south of Jogjakarta ,Indonesia. Most of our products use natural, renewable, recycled materials which we can find around us, which have long term benefits as sustainable and significant resources for the future of developing countries and the planet in general.

Working with craft people around us from village to village, made by hand. Create communities fairly to the people who work with us. We also work based on target.

By offering a wide selection of natural products, we hope that we can bring the greater steps in the future. As now we only have limited resources and we have to think about sustainable, fair and happy future.

Enjoy the benefits of our creative discoveries to make environmental stability and harmony with the rest of nature