Find Your Tribe

What is your Tribe? You can call it anything you want - your circle, your closest friends. The people that you surround yourself can have a huge impact in your life.

The people in your life do one of three things:

  1. Lift you Up and help you be your best self
  2. Keep you in your current place
  3. Pull you Back to where you used to be

Choose your inner circle wisely, as these people can and will influence how you live your life. The people in your tribe will be the ones that you turn to for support and encouragement when you need it most. These are also the people that will check up on you and offer honest feedback to help you to be your best self.

Why do you align with the people in your life? We choose to include people into our lives for many reasons. Some good, some not so good. The people included in your tribe should be the ones that support your growth and challenge you to be better. While your long term friends and family may be close to your heart and provide meaningful company, they may not necessarily fall into the tribe of people that you turn to for support when it comes to growing your business or your developing your personal goals.

Who is in your tribe? Your tribe can be made up of just about anyone! However you connect with people, they can become a valuable part of your life and success.

Don’t be afraid to make new connections and invite new people into your inner circle. Friends, Family, Work Associates, and friends from Social Media can all find their way into your tribe.

Do you need to include everyone? You should absolutely not include everyone in your life in your inner circle. The people in your life that may want to hold you back or who will enable bad habits will not lead you to growth. These people may have another place in your life, but they don’t belong among your most trusted circle.

Does anyone not belong? Should you remove someone from your tribe? As we discussed, not everyone belongs in your inner circle. If someone is hindering your growth, you may want to engage with them on a more casual level. You don’t need to remove someone from your life entirely (unless they are a toxic person) but you also don’t need to have a close relationship with everyone.