Choose Your Race

There are several different distances of triathlon to choose from. The length of race you choose to work towards will have huge implications on your training, both in the physical demands of the work to be done, but also in the time commitment. Choose a race that best fits your goals, lifestyle and current fitness level.

Getting Started

Before beginning a formal training plan, you will want to set yourself up for success by gradually building up your baseline of fitness. Throughout the training process, your training will likely involve five main components: Swim, Bike, and run, as well as Strength Training, and Recovery. Most training plans assume that you are able to run for several minutes without stopping to walk, that you are a safe and proficient cyclist, and that you are comfortable swimming at least fifty yards of front crawl. Equally important is the assumption that you are able to use your recovery days to truly help your body to heal and get ready to move again.

The Training Plan

There are many training plans available for triathletes of every level. I've created a plan for beginners that takes you on a twelve-week journey to meeting your race-day goals. You can download the first four weeks of this plan here: Triathlon Training Weeks 1-4

The final eight weeks of this plan are available in my eBook!

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