Dry Offset Cup Printing Machine Experts

PALi Global… Your Partner In Exceeding Your Production Goals

Why Choose Us

We sell used dry offset printing machines that print on plastic cups, pails, containers, lids, and tops. Additionally, we offer parts for these machines as well as services for them like maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and rebuilds. Well trained machine operators are critical for optimal machine performance, which is why we offer operator and print training. For companies that want to handle their own maintenance and repairs, we offer training for that too.

Our clients are companies who use dry offset printing machines to print on plastic print branded cups, flower pot designs, and other branded plastic containers anywhere in the world.

PALi Global recognized the need for a reliable, efficient,and cost effective services provider, so our team was hand picked to do just that. Why are we different? We care about our clients, and we have the training and expertise to provide our clients with world class products and services.

If you need help finding your next printing machine, need services for it, or training for your team, contact us, we would love to show you how PALi Global can help your company succeed.

PALi Global… Your Partner In Exceeding Your Production Goals


Every product or service we offer is of the utmost quality. Is your current machine giving you trouble? Is your machine already beyond saving? Do you need a new one? Rely on us to fix all those problems. Here at PALi Global, we are experts.


PALi Global prides itself in our efficiency. Our people are experts in mechanical upgrades and complete machine rebuilds. We will have your machine up and running in no time. Less downtime equals more money saved.

Cost Effective

Not only do we fix your current printers, if you choose to buy one of our own remarketed machines, you can be sure that it will be in tip top shape. Buying remarketed machines from us is like buying it brand new for a fraction of the cost.

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