Pairing Student Partners: 

An Intercollegiate Collaboration

Created by Nandeeta Bala '22, Coordinator of STEPP, Vassar College,

in collaboration with Alison Cook-Sather, Director of the Teaching and Learning Institute at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges


We aim to support student partners who are participating in pedagogical partnership programs by fostering intercollegiate collaboration. Through our program, student partners from different colleges and universities in different countries are matched with one another to develop new relationships, learn about one another's contexts and practices, and support pedagogical partnership work during this uncertain time of transition in—and perhaps revision of— higher education.

Over several terms between 2020 and 2024...


Student Partners



U.S., U.K., Israel, Pakistan, Australia



Amherst College, Bridgewater State University, Bryn Mawr College, Carleton College, Colgate University, College of William and Mary, Columbia University, Elon University, Emmanuel College,  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Haverford College, Kaye Academic College of Education, Lafayette College, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lewis and Clark College, Northumbria University, Purdue University, Reed College, Syracuse University, Trinity University, Tufts University, University College London, University of California Merced, University of Iowa, University of Westminster, Vassar College, University of Queensland, Smith College, University of Virginia, Ursinus College, University of Richmond, Univerrsity of Scranton, Yale University 

Interested in participating?

Please email us if you would like to continue the program!