About Nicola D'Amelio

Nicola D'Amelio was born in 1972, and was raised in Tuscany. He started to paint at the age of 24, and studied with the Lebanese painter, Ali Hassoun.

He later refined his drawing skills under the tutelage of Carlo Semplici, a professor at the Art Institute of Siena, Italy.

Around the same time, he created an artist group with several other painters from Siena (Simonetta Caniggia, Francapaola Mazzi Guarino, Lucia Baldi, and Carla Mazzi). It was named "L'allungo," after their never-ending discussions of art-related topics, frequently lasting late into the night.

In 1998, he was invited by the art critic, Giuseppe Ciani, to join the "Gruppo Casole d'Arte," named after the Casole d' Elsa, a beautiful village in the Tuscan countryside.

Art works by the group, which gathered together various Tuscan figure painters, are published in Pittura figurativa tra ieri ed oggi (Lalli editore, Poggibonsi, Siena, 2000).

His works have been exihibited in Siena and the surrounding villages, and have received various acknowlegdements and awards.

"We can define Nicola D'Amelio's work as 'sunny.' He offers an impressionistic approach with quick brush strokes, sustained by an immediacy that, in some paintings (such as Provenzano basilica above the rooftops) demonstrates a self confidence and professionalism in his mastery of the art of landscape."

- Giuseppe Ciani from Corriere di Siena, 1997