Odor Control

High level Oxidation, the Safe and Effective way.

Oxidation Reduction Potential or "ORP" is an important factor in destroying harmful odor causing microbes and other carbon based contaminants. The higher the ORP, the greater the effect on the microbes.

For example:(Using E-Coli)

ORP Kill Time

450 Infinite

500 1 Hour

550 100 Seconds

600 10 Seconds

650 0 Seconds

Our solutions have a ORP of between 800-900(more twice the level of swimming pool/hot tub chlorine). This allows us to eliminate even the most overwhelming smells such as Smoke, Pet Urine, "Wet Dog", Afterdeath, Mildew, etc.

Our Electrostatic Spraying Technology ensures 100% surface and air decontamination. This also treats HVAC Systems where a large percentage of the problem usually exists.