The US Dime

Since 1965 the US dime is comprised of cupronickel by the Coinage act of the same year and from that time there have been no coins made of silver. This is bad news for collectors and economists alike because the distribution of commodities is directly proportional to the market price. To maintain an attainable resource cost and a healthy democracy I propose that the US Mint introduces silver and stainless steel coins, 1/10th of a troy ounce each.

Project SilverADO

To stabilize the US economy we must zinc the five-cent piece for a half dime, remove the penny, then introduce a silver dime featuring Abraham Lincoln and a dime of stainless steel with Gerald R. Ford.

Electronic coins for half dollars

Trade your digital currency with other peers for half dollars or cash!
Register your holdings, review trades, and earn dividends!

John F. Kennedy Half Dollars

92% Copper + 8% Nickel

Nearly 3 billion minted since 1965.
Hold these to trade anonymously offline and to collect for their rarity internationally.



SHA256 + 2% Inflation

Nearly 30 million of these have been minted. Hold these and participate in minting to securely earn dividends on digital assets.

500 PPC

Peercoin minting and sms trading

Sign key pairs and securely trade peercoin over text message with addresses minting ppc and holders of half dollars. Verify signatures to authenticate images and wallets.

An Elf is not Alf

A low-bandwidth and low-maintenance currency is required for a strong economy. This is possible with half dollars and peercoin. Elves holding 500 or more HALF DOLLARS can exchange via SMS or at any participating elven establishment. PS, we don't eat cats.

Zinc Pennies

98% Zinc + 2% Copper

Collect these to trade for cashless currency.

Nearly 100 billion minted since 1982.
Hold these to build a free and open source digital asset and lending platform.


CuNi Monticello Nickels

75% Copper + 25% Nickel

Collect these to remedy the US debt economy.

Nearly 70 billion minted since 1945.
Hold these to reform the IRS, replace the Fed, rethink usury, redo money, and rebuild the United States Ecosystem.


Copper Torch Dimes

92% Copper + 8% Nickel

Collect these to sign and prove identity.

Nearly 100 billion minted since 1965.
Hold these to build a usage and communication platform in support of the digital republic.

5000 DIMES

spring-powered Strikers, et al

Increasing the load of a spring also proportionally increases system potential energy.

Thesis: Scattered citizens holding the same amount of coins (eg. pennies, nickels, and dimes) while running the same software to communicate create a loaded republic that receives more votes per capita and is cheaper to operate.

61,000¢ as five thousand dimes (50,000) and two thousand nickels (10,000) and one thousand zinc pennies (1,000) will prime democracy at home and abroad.

Landlord Union and Rent Equity

To better represent tenants and landlords filing civil disputes across the country, I would like to propose a standardized forms distribution and member-based jury for claims. Hold One Dollar coins featuring Susan B. Anthony or prepare to share case documents.

Mock occupancy trials, professional advice, and service contractors would serve tenants and landlords alike. Let's improve what we already have instead of dealing with it.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Dollars

92% Copper + 8% Nickel

Nearly 686 million of these were minted.
Hold these to build and support a free and open source decentralized exchange for backed electronic assets.


Susan B. Dollars

92% Copper + 8% Nickel

Nearly 1 billion of these were minted.
Hold these to build and support a legal platform and equity fund for landlords and tenants.


A Legacy Foundation: Ike Dollars

Want to build and support a unique decentralized exchange for converting your digital currency holdings to gold and silver? Hold One Dollar coins featuring Dwight D. Eisenhower or contribute to code development.

The money madness has evolved into quite a gordian knot! All the pieces lay before us if we choose to school up instead of cutting the rope and slamming the door on destiny.

A Gilded Dime
100 Silver Dimes

$5 Bill (or $20 later)
100 Wheat Pennies

Dollar Coin (or $5 later)
100 Post1982 Pennies

$2 Bill (or $10 later)
a Silver Dime

The Gold Ten Dollar Bill

1/1000th an ounce of gold woven into the ten dollar bill featuring William McKinley

The Gold 50 Dollar Bill

1/200th an ounce of gold woven into the $50 dollar bill featuring James A. Garfield

The European Plan: Plata Actual

In Europe there is government debt and economic crisis ongoing for decades. To remedy this, the EU coins can be collected for atonement purposes. Collecting the common cents available in Europe and the United States will permit new coinage to enter circulation while creating a communication network for a loaded republic that effects change.

98% Steel + 2% Copper

Collect these to build a cashless digital asset and lending platform.

1000 Two Eurocents

 89% Copper, 5% Al, 5% Zn, 1% Sn

Collect these to sign and prove your identity for communication.

5000 Ten Eurocents

Nickel Brass + Cupronickel

Collect these to trade for Peercoin and JFK Half Dollars.

500 One-Euros

Cupronickel + Nickel Brass

Collect these to build a DEx and rent resource and legal system.

500 Two-Euros

Great Britain, In Reverence

After the passing of the Queen and the British Exit from the European Union there is a reverence for times past. To honor the Empire that established international standards for weights and measures I have researched and identified coins of similar size and composition from around the world and conclude that trading JFK Half Dollars for Peercoin and for Euros creates a sound money bridge for Britain and the US and Europe.

One Penny

98% Steel + 2% Copper

Save these to build a free and open source digital asset and lending platform.

2000 Pennies

Twenty Pence

80% Copper + 20% Nickel

Save these to sign and prove your identity for communication and usage.

5000 Twenty Pence

Two Pounds

Nickel Brass + Cupronickel

Save these to build a DEx for electronic assets and a legal system for landlords and tenants

500 Two Pounds

Hear the call

The story of Jericho in the Bible states that the walls came down with only a sound.

To remove barriers in a modern sense could be as simple as performing the same action in various locations, like a prayer in union with all others calling together, coordinated digitally across the neural network of Earth's Internet: Hold more coins than cash!

This whole plan costs around 2000 per person and is all held in personal savings.
Register your holdings and start minting today to liberate the future you imagine!

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