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Pacman Hall of Fame

The UC-Berkeley Pacman Projects is a great Python-based framework currently being used in many Universities as part of their Artificial Intelligence courses. The framework includes six prescriptive projects, each exploring a particular AI technique, such as standard search, adversarial search, and learning.

The final part of the UC-Berkeley framework involves an open-ended final project called "Pacman Capture the Flag Contest" : "a multi-player capture-the-flag variant of Pacman, where agents control both Pacman and ghosts in coordinated team-based strategies". In such contest, each team "will try to eat the food on the far side of the map, while defending the food on your home side." Many AI courses in different Universities use the Pacman Capture the Flag Contest as the final assessment where students can build their own player controller by integrating different techniques learnt in the corresponding courses. This page will aim to archive the BEST teams in those courses in the form of an informal Inter-University Pacman Capture the Flag Contest, in which the top teams will compete among each other for the glory!

  • All teams participating in this Intra Uni Contest have been top performers in their corresponding courses. As such we congratulate every single team making it to this Intra University! If you make it to this contest, you should feel proud already, regardless of the final outcome in this particular tournament.
  • This contest has no impact whatsoever on course marks, it is "just for fun" and often runs at the end of the calendar year, so way after grades have been released.
  • Each contest configuration (number and type of maps, length of games, etc) will be decided by the organizers at every edition.
  • No student names will be displayed, just the team names. Student names and contact details will be released to anyone asking only if the student gives the permission.
  • No code will be made available or distributed under any circumstances.
  • To run the contest, we used our Pacman Contest script tool which allows running lots of games in a cloud HPC-type platform.

If you are using this Pacman framework in our course, and would like to be part this Inter University Contest, let us know and we will certainly accommodate for that!

Nir Lipovetzky (University of Melbourne) and Sebastian Sardina (RMIT University)

Pacman Inter University Hall of Fame Organizers