Packing Your Books in the Best Way

When you plan on moving, books remain to among the most difficult items to part with. Whether you do the regular reading or not, there are quite a lot of memories you can relate with these books. This is reason that selecting books you want to move and filtering out the ones you don’t need is not quite a simple thing. Nevertheless, this is the task you will have to do if you really want to make your move convenient.

Having that said, you may find some tips for packing and moving your books useful.

Do proper assessment of your books

You will need to go through your books to figure out what books you are going to need in the future. Then you can gift the filtered out books to your friends or you can simply donate those books away. There are a few questions that you can ask yourself in order to find the answer you need.

  • Will I read this book ever again?
  • Is it the cover or the content that I like about this book?
  • Do I really have room for this book in the new home?
  • Are these books meant to be used for decoration, or do these books have a value?

When you are able to answer these questions, you will surely be able to know if you are going to move these books with you.

Get the books out of your house

Once you are done with the selection of books you don’t want to keep, it is the time to bring that pile out of the home. It is essential because it is going to provide you with the simplicity in the task of packing items without worrying about things you don’t want to pack.

Make piles

Now, you will have to make piles of the books you want to move to the new home. The purpose of piling up is that it will make it easier for you to make a guess about the number of boxes you are going to need for the packing of your books.

Get moving supplies

Books are among the items which do not need much of the packaging or moving supplies. Still, you are going to need some moving supplies to make sure that the boxes are properly sealed. For this purpose, you are going to need a lot of tape. Moreover, you have to make sure that boxes for books are not bigger than medium size because larger boxes are quite difficult to carry.

Pack the books

Start by placing the biggest and heaviest books in the bottom of the boxes. Make sure that you have used a lot of packing paper in the bottom. This would cushion the books especially if they have hard coverings which can receive dents.

Label the boxes

It is a good idea to categorize books before you put them into the boxes. This categorization would you in smooth unpacking. Label the boxes to make the categories identifiable.