Camp Nobscot Haydenland Campsites

9/22/2018 - for 9/23/2018 Campout

We are camping at the farthest RIGHT (on the Nobscot camp map) of Haydenland campsites - it has the biggest field with a flag pole. Follow the sign we have up for "Hopkinton Pack 4" - see picture path below. Setup Tents along the edge of the field.


Saturday 1-2:00pm tent setup; 2-5:30 programmed activities, 5:30 pasta dinner, 7-8 skits and campfire; 9:00 lights out.

Sunday 7-8am breakfast; 8am-10am pack and cleanup

Strong recommended to bring:

  • bug spray (I had a mosquite around my head when I was there),
  • something to sit on - chairs or mat on the ground (don't forget your plates/fork/spoon/water bottles)
  • wagon - if you are going to bring a lots of things, path is rather flat, few bumps and almost no hill
  • not your best shoes - rain expected Friday night, there might be puddles

Pack 4 T-shirt - "Class B" - Two other groups expected there besides us this weekend.

Nobscot reservation - 1 Nobscot Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776

Google map * Nobscot trail map * Nobscot camp map

(Coming from Rt 20 EAST) The entrance for camp Nobscot is just on the RIGHT before you enter Framingham.

(Coming from Rt 20 EAST) Take Dudley Rd as a short cut going there - you can avoid traffic jam around Whole Food/Shaws before turning to Nobscot Rd.

Park at the overnight parking - just beyond first parking lot you entered - make sure you go SLOW, there are many pot holes.

Lock your car and go onto the path striaght forward

Turn RIGHT to Belden's Way, cross the bridge

Turn RIGHT onto Nipmuc Trail to Hayden Land

You will see Hayden Land campsites sign - if no one at that campground, you can pass through to the LEFT field - we are at the LEFT most field

or you KEEP GOING on Nipmuc Trail to the next sign

There is a narrow path for our campground with the sign and ribbon on the tree. If you have a wagon and need a wider path, keep going to the next sign

Turn RIGHT on this sign for wider path to our campground

This is the big field we are camping