Scouting is fun with a purpose. Scouts build physical fitness, character, and good citizenship—All while having a great time with family and friends. Most importantly, Scouting encourages them to do their best – a lesson that will help them achieve success throughout their lives.


Your scout will be a member of a den. Dens are comprised of 6-10 scouts in the same grade of school. As Cub Scouts advance through the program, they are recognized for their achievements. Den meetings are held at different times on different days depending on the den your child is in. A leader and assistant (parent volunteers) are in charge of the den activities, which include games, crafts, songs, ceremonies, learning new skills, field trips, camping, outdoor skills, and tons of fun.


All of the dens together make up the Pack. The pack is roughly 70 scouts from Hooksett and the surrounding area. The Pack is chartered by the Hooksett Lion’s Club. The Lion’s Club acts as our governing authority. Pack meetings are typically the 3rd Friday of every month during the school year at either Underhill or Memorial school at 6:30pm unless otherwise noted. Pack meetings are a chance for the families to gather and participate in themed activities. Some of the pack meetings are Blue and Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby, Space Derby, Raingutter regatta, Holiday Party, Pack Picnic, Chuckwagon, Pack Olympics, and much more.

Parents Role:

Parents (Akela) are a vital part of the Cub Scout Program. It’s the Akela who are the Den Leaders, Assistants, Cubmaster and Committee Members. You support the pack activities as needed and work on advancements with your scout. The more engaged you are the more engaged your scout will be.


The pack currently charges a yearly fee of $55. The pack pays for the National BSA registration fee, Boys Life magazine, rank book, advancements and pack activities. To offset the registration cost from increasing the pack also has one yearly fundraiser to raise the monies needed to cover all the costs.

How to Join: contact any of us below and we will get you started

Adam Godbout—Cubmaster Andy DiMattina—Committee chairman

agodbout@gmail.com adimattina@gmail.com

LION RANK: Kindergarten

Lions meet once a month as a den to work on adventures that include Lion's Honor, Fun on the Run, Animal Kingdom, Mountain Lion, and King of the Jungle.

Cub scout dens in action!

You can join scouts at any point during the year! Scouts are grouped with kids in the same grade. The scouting year runs June—May. Dens meet only during the school year

TIGER RANK: 1st Graders

Tigers meet once a week as a den to work on adventures that include My Tiger Jungle, Games Tigers Play, Tiger Circles: Duty to God, Team Tiger, Tiger Bites, and Tigers in the Wild.

WOLF RANK: 2nd Graders

Wolves meet once a week as a den to work on adventures that include Call of the Wild, Council Fire, Duty to God Footsteps, Howling at the Moon, Paws on the Path, and Running With the Pack.

BEAR RANK: 3rd Graders

Bears meet once a week as a den to work on adventures that include Bear Claws, Bear Necessities, Fellowship and Duty to God, Fur, Feathers, and Ferns, Baloo the Builder, and Paws for Action.

WEBELOS RANK: 4th Graders

Webelos meet once a week as a den to work on adventures that include Cast Iron Chef, Duty to God and You, First Responder, Stronger, Faster, Higher, and Webelos Walkabout.

AOL RANK: 5th Graders

Arrow of Light scouts meet once a week as a den to work on adventures that include Building a Better World, Duty to God in Action, Outdoorsman, and Scouting Adventure.

BOBCAT: Earned by all scouts above Lion

Bobcat requirements focus on the fundamentals of Cub Scouting that every Cub Scout must know.