April 14 2019:

Committee meeting: 7pm in attendance: Frank Garriel, Steph Garriel, Steffi Carunchio, Shauna Rowe, Patrick Koreck, Pete Kuzniasz, Jacqui Allen, Jimmy Hacker

Financials: Jacqui reimbursed for trophies/arrow of light. Frank reimbursed for covering battleship cost and awards

April : started $5385, payments for battleship made balance $6000+. Now that battleship was deducted, awards, etc.,: the current balance is now $1541. Plus $300 payment= $1841. That would not be enough for neckerchiefs for all, etc.

We can sell some camp cards.

**For next year: Webelos II: Budget: $50 a kid for awards for arrow of light.

Cross-over ceremony tomorrow night at Pack Meeting. Jacqui: got an email from Troop 184. Expecting 2 scouts to come talk for about 20 minutes. Seven kids are crossing over. Will buy 7 books. Need the bridge. Need a vehicle to transport the bridge.

7pm: opening ceremony, announcements, then straight into cross-over. Frank & Jacqui meet at 5pm at storage.

Battleship NJ: all $ has been collected. Happy that many scouts are attending. Battleship sent information. Need medical forms and activity consent form. Shauna to print and bring to pack meeting. Arrive between 5-6:30. Parking garage closes at 6:30 and you will miss it. $12.50 to park. Bring sleeping bag, pillow, ear plugs

Earth Day: James W Lilley Elementary Kindergarten class: asked our scouts to weed/mulch a small garden bed so their Kindergarten class can put rocks. Can do this on this upcoming friday morning (Good Friday, no school) -scouts can go weed/lay mulch. Lilley HSA will reimburse the cost of the mulch. $100 for mulch.

Steffi: Gloucester township gave us the garden back again -it's for the scouts. Garden Club...4-5 days over the summer & learn stages of gardening. Offer a patch or small token of appreciation/opportunity to schedule and be committed to a project. Make flyer for the cleanup day: 4/20 Spring Cleanup. Then announce the 4-5 days summer

May 4 Fishing Derby Council activity.

Canoe Trip -May 18 -the Palace...longer trip? 4 hour trip.

Memorial Day -activities and bonfire at Pine Hill Bonfire 6/8 and camping. FRANK plan campout.

We need leaders for next year -start thinking: Ballinghoff will take a Lion den. Mrs. Ballinghoff possibility for committee chair.

Adjourned: 8:20pm