7pm: In attendance: Pete K, Steffi C, Shauna R, Frank & Steph G, Becky, Patrick K, Jimmy H

Expenses: Pete -$17 reimburse wood supplies -Also gallery pizza expense

$ is deposited due to popcorn online sale -it will pay for awards

$6000 balance

Pinewood Derby $258 bake sale - made $173

Ideas to spend: Battleship, Zoo 3/10 scout day/overnight $76 private group.

Skating $700/can't get it that night. No skating -lack of interest

Blue & Gold - Jacqui talked -deposit required -last year about 75/100 people. 4 hours

3/24: 3pm Antony & Cleopatra's - Pack charge $20/person. Pay by week of 3/11

Jimmy - talk to Jeff about ceremony (20 mins)

Becky - large sheet cake -Sam's

Do we get magician/entertainment? We should do slideshow - thru the years idea....send Frank pictures.

FRANK -get plaques for leaders. Everyone -make centerpiece (culture/flags. Frank run gameshow again

Letters of commendation - STEPH - contact Jacqui -list of webelos 2 scouts - secure letters from mayor -US senators, governor - send to office

Ranking -Webelos get arrow of light at ceremony. Cross-over at next pack meeting (April 15). Everyone else - will rank up at june bbq

Battleship: Fri 4/26 5pm arrival Class A -Payment in full at Blue & Gold (we need to pay battleship 30 days in advance).

$69 per person -Pack will pay for scout but adult needs to accompany them & pay. If you commit, you must pay. PDF/info will be distributed by FRANK before next den meeting - bring sleeping bag -there is a bunk. Tours will be provided 8pm- dinner on ship 7pm

Canoe trip -canoes $60, kayak $40/May 18 - maybe pay for some canoes if $ allows

camping - should we combine with canoe trip/batsto/atsion area?

Committee decided- combine camping with Picnic/bonfire on June 8 weekend

Adjourn 8:24pm