Pack Committee Meeting 12/16/18 7pm

Financials: balance after reimbursements: $6300

Recharter will be $1800-2000 coming up. We need leaders in each area, we need a pack trainer (Becky)

We will be registering about 39 scouts.

Tomorrow night 12/17 @ Lilley -Pack meeting *If anyone needs to still pay/submit application, do so tomorrow.

YPT: All leaders need to have finished training.

We 'lost' 24 scouts/8 were the lion den. No one came back; we have no tigers.

Recruiting & Santa visit tomorrow 12/17

If leaders can get there early (6:30), it would be great. Remind scouts it's at Lilley

Frank will make flyers for upcoming events (pinewood derby & roller skating)

Both events should be free (need to research price of roller skating)

Deptford rents out on Sunday nights for about $200.

Need leaders for tigers & lions. For the first month, Frank will hold a meeting in Jan, then elect a leader.

Pinewood Derby -still need location 45 foot track - Jan 19 expected date. Usually 11am-2pm/Steffi bake sale

Keep same format/we still have laptop & software. Pizza again ($1 slice, $1 water)

Need trophies - Paul's awards in Barrington. Culture is the them for pinewood derby & Blue & Gold

Food Bank of South Jersey got our 1790 lbs of food.

Scouts BSA starts in Feb. Starting a troop for girls. Need females 11-18. Need scoutmaster/committee chair/charter org rep

Roller skate night; Feb 23/24. Shauna to check with the rink

Blue & Gold; need to reserve. ~50-80...Jacq to call Antony & Cleopatra's ...

Battleship NJ: We need to book $65/person. Can we offer scout free (but take a check as deposit that they will show)

Before end of year/canoe trip/bonfire

Adjourn: 8:25