Inspection Cheat Sheet

See the Rules & FAQ for complete details.

Inspectors will be checking at least the following:

  • Weight (5.0 ounces max. 0.1 ounce accuracy)
  • Length (7" max, which is the length of the block)
  • Width (2.75", which is basically the width of the block + wheels)
  • Track Clearance
    • Width between wheels (at least 1.75" - you're fine if you didn't excessively narrow the part where the wheels go)
    • Bottom Clearance (3/8" recommended, just has to fit on track. Usually Only an issue if you added weights onto bottom of car)
    • Height (has to fit under gate, which is probably 10-12". Again, not usually an issue)
  • Nose of car isn't giving advantage
    • Car rests on the starting pin without slipping (too fine of a point)
    • Car doesn't "stick" to pin (no adhesive on nose)
    • Nose is not concave (doesn't hug the starting pin)
  • Only official BSA wheels & axles used
  • No bushings/bearings
  • No starting devices