Battleship NJ

Parking & Shuttle

Cost: $12.50 per carWhere: Camden Parking Authority Waterfront Garage, 10 Delaware Ave, Camden, NJ

Garage is open (for arrivals) 5:00-7:00 pm, but you should plan to arrive by 6:00pm. If you are running late to the garage, you may call the "Officer of the Deck" at 609-868-4166 to see what arrangements, if any, can be made.

Once parked, exit the rear of the garage, and the ship is 200 yards South. A shuttle bus will be running from the garage to the Battleship.


6:00pm, boarding at 6:30pm

After parking, take the shuttle to the Battleship as you arrive. We will meet as a group in front of the dock at 6:00pm. We will enter the ship, as a group, at 6:30pm.

Late Arrivals

You should be able to arrive late, if needed. You may be on your own for parking, but you should still be admitted to the ship. You should be on a roster that the staff at Battleship NJ has. Look for your Scout's name, as I may have incorrectly guessed who the accompanying adult is. If all else fails, call Mr. Garriel - 305-609-7314


You'll be getting dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday. Expect kid-friendly food (like chicken fingers), but I do not have knowledge of the menu. If you have specific dietary needs, you should pack food for yourself. There will be a refrigerator and microwave on board that you can use.

What to Pack / What to Expect

Basic gear needed

    • Uniform
    • Overnight clothes
    • Jacket
    • Sleeping bag, pillow

There will most likely be more than one group aboard today. The Petty Officers (leaders) of each group will work together to assign their crew to the various tasks listed. Please note that all times are approximate

Evening Events

  • 1700 to 1830 - Arrival, compartments and bunks assigned, strike gear in berthing compartment. This allows free time until the Safety Presentation to explore Barber Shop, Brig (Jail), Laundry, Print Shop, etc. Listen for announcements.
  • 1830 to 1900 – Introduction, Safety Presentation Fire Drill and Muster for Colors. Listen for announcement.
  • 1900 to 1945 - Evening chow (chow line as directed by staff).
  • 1945 to 2000 - Get camera, visit the head, assemble on Mess Deck for group tours.
  • 2000 to 2200 - Ships’ Tours with trained Docent Guides – Approximately 2 hours.
  • 2200 – Gun Shoot.
  • 2300 - Taps, lights out (red “darkened ship” lights will be on as nightlights).

The Next Morning

  • 0715 - Reveille, everyone up!
  • 0800 - Morning Colors on the fantail.
  • 0815 – Morning Chow (chow line as directed by staff).
  • 0900 – Self Guide Tour Route.
  • 1200 – Liberty Call! Campers disembark.