Tips To Pack A Suitcase With Perfection

Traveling generally involves packing a suitcase. You should check the weather for you destination to ensure you pack the right clothing. Packing a few warm pieces of clothing is a good idea for rainy, overcast or cool days. The tips below should help you pack your suitcase beautifully.

The List

Plan an outfit for each day of your trip. Mixing and matching different pieces always works well. Adding extra socks and underwear is a good idea. Once you know what you will be taking make a list of all the items. Cross off each item as it is packed to make sure you don't discover you missed something vital once you have arrived at your hotel. Take a carry on with a set of clothing, your prescriptions, wallet, toothbrush, passport, etc. This will protect you if your luggage is lost or misplaced.

Bottoms First

Bulky or heavy items should always be at the bottom of your suitcase. This includes boots, shoes, hairdryers, etc. You can also maximize your space by packing items such as glasses, belts, gloves, socks and jewelry into packed purses, boots and shoes. Once you have finished packing your heavier items use the spaces in between for items like bathing suits and socks. an>

Folding Items

Most people believe they can save space by rolling their clothing. This actually wastes space. Folded items take up less room and remain nice and flat. The first layer above your heavier items should be the thickest fabrics. This includes sweaters, jackets, woolen skirts, khakis and jeans. Leave a little gap in the center of your suitcase as you pack. This is for your toiletry bag. The gaps left around the edges should be used for a book, hairbrush, etc.

Personal Care Products

Personal care products and fragile items should be in a padded, fabric case. This should be placed in the middle of your luggage so the items can be protected by your clothing. Items such as candy boxes and cosmetics require this extra protection. Use freezer bags with zippers for colognes, perfumes and creams in case of accidental leakage. Any gels or liquids should be in a travel size container inside of a clear plastic bag.

The Upper Layer

The layer on the very top of your suitcase should contain delicate and lightweight fabrics that have a tendency to wrinkle. This includes silk, satin and thin cotton. Extra care should be provided for items such as silk blouses and shirts. Wrapping these items in tissue paper will prevent them from becoming damaged. Then place them between sturdy pieces of clothing for added protection. This works well for delicate dresses or suits. If your luggage has a front piece with a garment bag this is where your most delicate clothing should be packed.

The Return Trip

Make sure you have a copy of your list of items for when you are packing for your return trip. Cross off your items again as you pack to ensure you have not forgotten something in your hotel. You should leave your expensive jewelry at home when you travel. If you are planning to take expensive jewelry either wear the pieces or place them in a travel belt you are planning to wear. When you arrive your jewelry should be kept in the room safe in your hotel.