Pack 4031: Webelos 1

Welcome to Webelos 1!

It was a fantastic summer, but man did it seem to fly by. we are already back into scouting season and we have a big year planned for Webelos I. It is time to move on from being the Animal Scouts that we have been for the last 3 years and start taking on a bit more responsibility. That being said, I am not planning out this entire year. If you made the last couple of meetings last year then you know that my intention is to have the scouts themselves pick the extra things that we are going to be doing this year, and I will have a plan for the required items this year.

There will be a couple of changes this year with how we run our meetings, we will cover that in our first couple of meetings and I will plan to have an agenda by our first meeting in October 1st if I am not able to have it by our meeting Next WEEK.

FIRST DEN MEETING, Tuesday September 17th at Memorial Park 6pm. We will be helping the Tiger group with their first den meeting and working on the Bobcat with them and showing them how we do our flag ceremony.

Looking forward to seeing you all

Cub Master Brandon


Upcoming Events:

  • November 9th | Webelos Pin Day @ Fox Valley Tech

7am to 230 pm. | Cost $22.00 per scout and includes a box lunch

Chosen activities bolded:

    • Adventures in Science
    • Aware and Care
    • Building a better world (Req in Web II)
    • Earth Rocks
    • First Responder
    • Game Design
    • Movie Making
    • Scouting Adventure (Req in Web II)
    • Sportsman
    • Webelos Walkabout (We will be doing this Nov 2nd, only do this one if your scout can't make it to that meeting)

Important Contacts

Brandon - Cubmaster, Den Leader

Scott Seeling - Assistant Den Leader

Lisa Matuszak - Assistant Den Leader

Erin - Den Admin