Polices & Terms of Service


  • No Returns or refunds, All Sales are final.
  • If a Refund is warranted, there will be a 20% transaction fee based on the original sales amount.


    • All Classes expire after 1 year (365 days) from the date of payment.
    • Classes must be completed prior to the expiration.
    • Classes must be completed within 1 year (365 days) of purchase.
    • Classes have no cash value.
    • Class value after expiration may not exceed once cent ($0.01)

Step by step of the registration process

    1. Students pay and give contact information
    2. (if billed party is not the student) transfer the paid class to the student: Click Here
    3. A registration email with step by step instructions will be sent
    4. (if student is a minor) BOTH Parent/Guardian must read, watch the PADI Video and complete the agreement form at the bottom of the page: Click Here
    5. Contracts will be sent separately to EACH individual student, each student must complete their own contract.
    6. (if a medical is required) the student must submit a copy of a completed medical to proceed.
    7. Books will be sent once the registration and legal process is complete


Each student must have their own email, this email will be used as their unique identifier for contracts, and dive logging. This email will also be used as the legal format for communication and notices pertaining to classes. Each student is responsible to check their email regularly and maintain good communication with their instructor and PDT Staff. Students who don't adhere to this policy will be dropped. If email is not a viable option, students may pay an additional $150 for a paper version.

Medical Evaluation

If Students answer yes on a medical Screening, they are required to get a sports Medical before they will be able to begin in water activates required for the course. IN NO WAY DOES THIS EXCLUDE THE STUDENT FROM DIVING ONCE THE STUDENT RECEIVES CLEARANCE FROM THEIR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

Required Medical

Instructors may require a Physician signed medical evaluation at any point during the training. IN NO WAY DOES THIS EXCLUDE THE STUDENT FROM DIVING ONCE THE STUDENT RECEIVES CLEARANCE FROM THEIR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

Medical Considerations

If a student is unable to continue with training because of a medical condition and the following requirements are met, the Student will receive a refund for the portions of the course not used, less the 20% returned transaction fee.

-Student provides a physician signed, PADI approved medical

-Medical professional selects the box that states “I am unable to recommend this individual for diving.”

-The signed medical must be submitted to us.

Unable to complete due to medical condition

If a student is unable to complete training because of a medical condition that ‘is incompatible with diving’ they may receive a refund of the unused portion of the course. Less the 20% transaction fee.

Electronic Signatures

The validity and enforceability of electronic signatures has been well established in the United States for over fifteen years. In 2000, Congress passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), establishing that e-signatures shall have the legal equivalence of wet signatures. Additionally, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands have enacted state laws validating e-signatures, with all but three adopting the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). Illinois, New York and Washington, have not adopted the UETA, but have similar statutes validating electronic transactions.

e-learning Transfer

Classes may be transferred to other individuals for a fee of $100, if the e-learning has been redeemed a replacement e-learning code will need to be purchased before the class may be transferred.


Classes may be transferred to other individuals for a fee of $100, if the eLearning has been redeemed a replacement eLearning code will need to be purchased before the class may be transferred.

Late or Missed class

If a student is more than fifteen (15) minutes late to a class they will not be allowed to join the ongoing class and will need to schedule a makeup session and pay a makeup fee.

Missed classes or sessions:

To schedule a make up or reschedule a class session date the student cannot attend: Click the link on the classroom.pacificdivetraining.com page, then click on the link for each session you need to schedule. Once that has been completed and payment is received we will contact you to schedule your session.

Most class schedules have 2 dives at the beach, the student will need to pay for each dive. We understand sometimes changes are unavoidable, however when you reschedule you are no longer part of the class and you are changing the schedule for all the instructors and support staff.

Q: I thought the dives are included in the class fee?

A: Yes, for the day scheduled. If you miss a Boat, Air Plane, or a scheduled dive you are not entitled to a refund. You will need to schedule a makeup session and pay a makeup fee’s.

Cancellation Policy

A class may be canceled or postponed due to safety concerns, unsafe weather or ocean conditions. If your class is canceled or postponed due to weather or safety concerns there is no fee when we reschedule. Any cancellation by the student will result in a Makeup fee. If the student cancels a class with less than 24-hour notice, they may be dropped and may retake the class for the full class fee.

Online Workshop

During a Workshop in the Online Classroom participants have an open visual and audio connection to all other participants. We can all see and hear each other. It is important that we do not have Visual or Audio disruptions during the online workshop. The course instruction is presented with lecture and open discussion between Staff and Students. This is an interactive workshop, your active participation is expected.

        1. Student must be ON-LINE and MAINTAIN a Video Link for the entirety of the workshop.
        2. Students may not be interrupted during the online workshop, or they will be ejected from the group and they will need to pay for and complete a makeup session before they may continue with the next workshop
        3. The student must have their knowledge reviews completed prior to the workshop, if not students will not be able to continue and they will need to pay and complete another workshop.
        4. Workshop is LIVE INTERACTIVE, Scheduled events and NOT Self Paced or pre-recorded.

Class Schedule Change

If a student needs to change to a different class or reschedule the completion of the course for another date, a $100 fee will be applied.

Required Schedule Changes

Class Schedules may be changed, postponed, or adjusted due to weather, student safety concerns, or the requirements of the minimum number of students in a class.


    • Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. If a legal guardian is not present, the class will stop, and the student is dropped, NO refund will be issued.
    • Minors under the age of 14 may be required to pay for a private class fee with their own instructor, at the instructor's discretion.
    • Minors and their parents must read the information provided on the minors and diving page HERE
    • Each student must have their own email, this email will be used as their unique identifier for contracts, and dive logging.
    • Each student must read and understand the Student contract.

Class Minimums

All Classes must meet stated minimums if a class does not meet that required minimum Number of participants, students will be able to transfer into the next class.

Date Holds

    • No dates will held or “saved” until a deposit is received or the class is paid in full. Non-refundable Deposits to hold a date are considered payment for the date, if used or not.
    • During planning we may “set a side” until the student makes a payment, these “Set s side’s” are only good for 2 days.


All Deposits are non refundable. Deposit is payment for the date held for the student, and will not be refunded.


Lost or Damaged Gear Fees:

Hood…................... $ 60

Wetsuit…...........…. $ 150

BCD….........……….. $ 250

Regulator..........…. $ 250

Computer…........... $ 250

Tank………….......… $ 150

Compass……......... $ 99

Light Kit……......... $ 120

Safety Kit…......…..$ 30

Make-up / Missed class Fees:

Missed Van or Transportation…..….................... $ 35

Orientation / Make up…………….….................... $ 45

Test/ Retest /Make up Test Fee......................... $ 45

Pool Make up* (2 hours)...............…................ $ 60

Private Pool Make up** (2 hours)..................... $ 75

Beach Make up* (Each Dive) ………................... $ 60

Private Beach Make Up** (Each Dive)................ $110

* Joining in with another scheduled Group.

** Private, scheduled to fist your availability.

Non-Digital Document fee .............. $150

Contract Resubmit /Reprint .......... $25

To Transfer to another class…….. $100

To Transfer an unused course to another person…….. $ 100

Replacement E-learning code …….. $174.00

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