Afrikan Yoga Testimonials

Got to say good for me – different yoga from what I experienced before. Great! Anna Lando

Really enjoyed some postures, so unusual and different to regular class. Thank you. Claire- Alchemy

Energizing and inspiring, a great class that you can feel is toning and strengthening, but also therapeutic and relaxing, see you next week. Nikki – Alchemy

A really fantastic class. Thank you, Pablo. Teacher has a great respect for students and no ego gets in the way that is really noticeable in the teacher. Teresa de Bertodamo – Brixton

New with yoga, like it, excellent classes, feel relaxed and good. Anna Hiszcynska

Fantastic class. I feel refreshed and revitalized and find Afrikan yoga exciting and different. I will come again. I feel improvement in my body. Dami Akimusi – Brixton Recreation

Very good in all aspects. Good stretching, using the imagination and partner work. Excellent instructor, friendly and helpful. Roxanne Isaacs – Studio 2

I really enjoyed the class and the explanations of the physiological effects. Looking forward to learning more Afrikan Yoga theory and meditation. Cecilia Alchemy

Great class. I really enjoyed the detailed explanation of the effect of each exercise. The instructor also has a great energy that makes the class enjoyable. Paula – Oasis Sports centre

Fun and different from what I normally do. Anonymous – Oasis Sports centre

I like the class. Good variety to traditional yoga. Nice. Daxel Domanillo - Oasis Sports centre

I'm pleasantly surprised. I diddn’t expect Afrikan Yoga. I really enjoyed it . I feel energized and relaxed, thank you. Anonymous – Oasis Sports centre

Deep and naturally flowing practice. I love the rhythm that is incorporated with the postures - it's yoga brought to life. Joy Fonderson – Alchemy

The moves were deep. I generated a lot of energy, I had to let go and be free and the intimacy encouraged this . It opened up my lungs. Mes-en-aken – Alchemy

Fantastic classes, very original. I feel very relaxed afterwards. I try not to miss it. Great caring teacher. Suzanne Banki –Alchemy

Very good, relaxing and I feel good after the session. Keep it up. Good work , thank you . Anne Worley –Brixton Rec

A really inspirational, relaxing and spiritual session. I enjoyed being able to push my breathing and my body to a higher level. Javier Solicips – All Saints Community Centre

A very good session, really enjoyed the moves. Desrene Pascall & Amani – All Saints London

It's very good for winter time, this type of yoga, because it is dynamic so you warm up faster and more completely. Also Pablo is a very good teacher who gives precise instructions and cares for his students. Albert Saiyuan- Brixton Recreation Centre

Great first class, we should do more. Cathy Aderigo – Brixton Rec

Pablo is fantastic! I always feel so calm and centred after the class. Thank you. Trisha Olsson.

Terrific class- just wish it was longer. Left the class feeling energized. The teacher is very good and attentive. Linda Mason – Oasis

I've never done yoga before, but this class was thoroughly enjoyable. I would like to attend more classes. The instructor is professional, friendly and very encouraging, thank you. Zehra Arkir – Tottenham Fitness First

Excellent, refreshing, we want more. Anna Maria – Tottenham

Lovely as usually. I loved Maat, Sebek, felt balanced, focused, in harmony. I felt very fluid today. Fatou Lefeuvre

Beautiful aura in the class. Gives you a great workout as well as calmness and peace. Thank you. Felicity Heywood – Tottenham

Good session. Good exercise and relaxation. I felt some postures lasted too long, but I am still new so I may not have built the necessary stamina. Ramone Waldron – Tottenham

It was my first time, but it was definitely something I would do regularly, it was what I expected and more. Paul Nelson – Tottenham

Today was brilliant, would love to come again not just on Mondays. Jennifer Fosuhene

A lively and enjoyable class. The addition of African cultural deities is very interesting. Anonymous

The sessions are positively outstanding, holistic and comprehensive. I leave the sessions feeling balanced, well and creative. Thank you. Lowina Simms – Tottenham Fitness First