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P77K School Mission:


Our mission is to identify how students learn best and provide each of them with a firm foundation in a supportive, nurturing, and caring environment that’s respectful for all. We present a full, rigorous curriculum that mirrors general education curriculum. Our goal is to foster life-long learners who will reach their highest potential in school, at home, in the community, and into adulthood.

P77K School Vision:

The vision of our school lies in the belief system that each student learns differently. Therefore, each student is given access to the standards at their current level and at different entry points. We are charged with offering each student the opportunity to develop strong self-esteem, become responsible citizens, be career-ready, and achieve academic excellence.

P77K Racial Equity Statement:

P77K’s vision of racial equity lies in the belief that all students and staff will be provided with a safe and supportive environment to raise the achievement of all students while eliminating disparities along the lines of race. Staff will participate in racial equity training and implement culturally responsive teaching. As a result of these practices, barriers to student success will be lifted as students explore personal aspects of race to teacher their highest level of independence across all settings.

P77K Instructional Leadership Framework Vision:

At P77K, our highest priority is celebrating our culturally and academically diverse learners. We believe that by providing rigorous literacy instruction, students will strengthen their understanding of quality decision making and build positive character traits. We expect our students to achieve their own academic excellence, and to leave P77K as socially-conscious, life-long learners who are active members of their community.

P77K Work-Based Learning and Transition Mission:

Our P77K Work-Based Learning and Transition mission is to provide our students with functional life skills, and practical training to support them in meeting their IEP goals, and in preparation for their post-secondary life though a “tiered” vocational program that is tailored to meet their ever-changing interests and skill levels. To support the transition to post-secondary life, student, school and family, as well as agency linkages, where applicable, will work collaboratively to ensure a seamless transition from school to their adult life.

Theory of Action/Instructional Focus

During common planning time, if we collaborate when modifying our standards-aligned curricula, integrate instructional shifts in our planning, and create meaningful assessment tools, then the results of the analyzed assessments will be utilized to further target students’ individual learning needs which will increase the students ability to more deeply demonstrate the acquisition of their targeted goals.

Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) Goals:


Goal 1: College, Career, Civic Readiness (CCCR)

By June, 2021, Quality Individualized Education Program for Students with Disabilities will Increase 5%, from 85% to 90%, as measured by SESIS Compliance Reports.

Goal 2: High School Graduation/ Post-Secondary Planning

By June, 2021, High School Graduation / Post-Secondary Planning for Students with Disabilities will Increase 5%, from 90% to 95% , as measured by D75 Transition Tracker.

Goal 3: Elementary/Middle School Math

By June, 2021, there will be a 5% Increase, from 25% to 30% of the Students with Disabilities achieving at Level 3 & Level 4, as measured by SANDI/FAST data.

Goal 4: Elementary/Middle School ELA

By June, 2021, there will be a 5% Increase, from 25% to 30% of the Students with Disabilities achieving at Level 3 & Level 4 in Reading , as measured by SANDI/FAST data.

Goal 5: NYC School Survey

By June, 2021, NYC School Survey for Students with Disabilities results will show an increase of 5%, from 30% to 35%, in p77K students providing constructive feedback to their peers and teachers. This 5% increase will be measured by the P77K benchmark data.

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