Ozlem Tonguc

​Assistant Professor of Economics, Binghamton University

Fields: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Political Economy

Email: tonguc@binghamton.edu

Office: 1102 Library Tower

CV (pdf)


“Participatory fuzzy cognitive mapping analysis to evaluate the future of water in the Seyhan Basin”, Journal of Water and Climate Change, Vol. 4, No.2, pp. 131-145, 2013, with E.H. Cakmak, H. Dudu, O.H. Eruygur, M. Ger and S. Onurlu.

“Vote Buying with and without Binding Promises”, October 2018, with Erkut Ozbay

“Anticipated Guilt Aversion and Reciprocity: An Experimental Analysis”, November 2019

“History Dependence of Third-Party Punishment in Social Dilemmas: Defection Rate, Horizon and Experience ”, August 2021, with Leyla Karakas

"Predictors of Social Distancing and Mask-Wearing Behavior: Panel Survey in Seven U.S. States", September 2020, with Plamen Nikolov, Andreas Pape and Charlotte Williams


ECON 160: Principles of Microeconomics, Binghamton University, Fall 2017 - Fall 2019

ECON 612: Microeconomic Theory II (PhD), Binghamton University, Spring 2018 -

ECON 550x/650x: Behavioral and Experimental Economics (Graduate), Binghamton University, Spring 2020 -

​ECON 414: Game Theory, University of Maryland