The technique in the Henhouse

changes all the time. New things happens again and again.

[2018] A new antenna rotor system is installed. The 40m Yagi and 20m Yagi are now controlled by a compass mounted on the antennas and not as before, with the built-in potmeters.

There are also 2 flex radios for operation. A top model 6700 on antenna switch A bought by Andrew and a model 6600 on antenna switch B that Ole has bought. The FT 3000 is not mounted but will also come on the new switch system. And probably also Oles FT 3000, if necessary in Contest etc.

So in the future there are possibly 4 radios in the hen house.

Here is a small selection of the installations

interior design

The shack is daily fitted with 2 operator places that provide room to the Contest setup for Single Operator, Multi-Single and Multi-2 categories. The 2 seats are separated in each of their rooms so you can run both digital, CW and SSB modes without disturbing each other. Furthermore, it is possible to run the Multi-Multi category if the two FT-DX-3000 are mounted or the operators themselves bring extra radios and PA's.

There is room for 3 extra operator places in the large radio room so that you can have 5 radios active at the same time.


The two standard operator places are built with a Flex radio 6700 connected to Flex Maestro and antenna system A and an Flexradio 6600 connected to antenna system B.

In addition, there are two Yaesu FT-DX-3000 with a large display and many built-in functions. The Yaesu FT-DX-3000 is a widely used radio station and so many operators know the model and can immediately operate it without big instructions. The radio is also user-friendly and it is reasonably easy to familiarize yourself with its use - of course we also have a user guide for it.

In some contests, the operators bring their own radios. The Elecraft K3 is very popular and it is very easy to get these connected to the rest of the station setup.

State-of-the-art bandpass filters

Between each of the two radios and the two PA stages, state-of-the-art bandpass filters are mounted for each of the six Contest bands. These bandpass filters automatically switch when the radio changes bands. When the WARC bands are used, these filters are automatically disconnected.

power amplifiers

There are two fully automatic Acom 2000A linear Power Amplifiers that can easily provide 1 KW output power.

Fully automatic means that no settings are required at all when changing frequency. The only thing you need to set is the output power of the transceiver so the PA delivers the 1KW power we use on most bands.

antenna sWitch

Andrew has finished building a new antenna switch system that will allow 4 stations to be connected.

Current configuration:

The output of each of the two PA's goes to a 2-input antenna switch. This switch is controlled from a central computer that can be controlled, independently of each other, from the 2 operator control sites. This computer controls the switch so that there will never be conflict between the two inputs or the 8 outputs. That is, when an operator has connected to an antenna, the other operator cannot choose the same - a reasonably good security.

Band Pass Filters

On six of the outputs of the switch, high-power bandpass filters are mounted, all of which can handle the maximum output power.

There are bandpass filters on the 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 Meter bands as well as a 160 meter low pass filter.

antenna situation

There is always something happening on the antenna front, but usually it is possible to be active on most bands.

July / August 2017 has been the "MAX activity period" with many helping hands and machines, and many things have come into place both on the ground and in the air. Also there has been a major expansion and change during the autumn of 2018.

december 24. 2018

The overall antenna park at DCA/OZ5E currently consists of the following:

Several Beverage receiving antennas at the forest north of QTH.

160m = Titanex GP + Beverage system for RX

80m = Four-square + Beverage system for RX

40m = 4 elm. optibeam up 20mtr - Yes

20m = 5 elm. yagi up 18mtr - Yes is installed. (Difference to JAPAN vs. Summer antenna - Summer S7 / Yagi S9 + 5dB)

10/12/15/17/20 / 40m = 8 element Sommer antenna. It can also be used on the 6m band

6m = 5 element beam

2m = 9 element beam + GP at 20 meters height