You can automatically join the Danish Contest Academy by paying at least DKK 1.200,- on account number 5381 246955 Arbejdernes Landsbank OZ5E D.C.A. - Remember to include your call sign, your name and your address.

We would like to give everyone an opportunity to participate, so there is a minimum of DKK 1.200,- per year, which can be paid in one go or in parts through the year. You are always welcome to support what you want. It is also possible to support via PayPal. Call Jan if you have questions about how to support.

The team around DCA - Technicians and operators etc.

Call Name interest

OZ1ADL - Jan Thøgersen ALL MODE SSB + RTTY + PSK31 CW operator, Station building, DCA Chairman, Owner

OZ1XJ - Andrew Huddleston OZ5E - SSB + CW Operator, Antenna Attempt, Station Building, Technician, Climb In Mast, DCA Vice President, Owner

OZ1LCG - Ole Krogshede SSB, CW DX operator, Station building, Technology, Antenna testing, Maintenance, administration, DCA cashier

OZ1JUX - Kim Schmidt Wind OZØSW, 5P1B - SSB + RTTY - PSK31 operator, engineering, setup DX software, IT

OZ4VW - Arne Fast Hansen 5P4VW - RTTY, SSB operator, Aerial experiment, Station building, Technician, climbing in mast

OZ1AZL - Jørgen Schmidt Technician, Inventor, Climb in mast

OZ1IVA - Lars Harbo CW + SSB operator, Technology software, HF technology

OZ1IKY - Kenneth Hemstedt CW / SSB operator, DXpeditions, Station building

OZ1ETA - Niels Bo Hermansen 5P5X, OU2W - CW / SSB operator, Station building, Administration, Strategy planning

OZ7AM - Alex R. Hansen OU4X, VE2OXA, AC2QW - CW + SSB operator, DXpeditions participant, technique and climb in mast

OZ2I - Henning Andresen OU2I, 5P2I, OZ1BII, CW operator, Homepage, IT, Contest Xpeditions

OZ3MC - Martin Mortensen CW operator, Antennas, Technology

OZ1FJB - Lars Erik Hinrichsen OU2V - CW operator - IT - Techniques

OZ2BRN - Brian Lodahl 5P9A - CW Operator Techniques

OZ2U - Stephan Aller 5P2U, 5Q2U, OV2U, OZ1TMY - CW operator

OZ8AE - Jørgen Christensen Techniques CW + SSB operator, Contest, Strategy

YT2T - Marko Zivkovic OU5A - CW operator HIGH speed - Serbia

DD2ML - Ulli Markus Renoth CW operator, Germany, Antenna technology, DX Software, Dx pedagogical participant

DJ3CQ - Juergen "Jo" Kantowski CW - SSB operator, Dx pedestrian participant, DX software - Germany

OZ1AA - Thomas Andersen CW SSB operator, Globetrotter, Bicycles Earth trip - DX pedition

OZ4ABH - Jørgen Mørch CW operator

OZ5DL - Ole B. Pedersen CW Operator

OZ7QQ - Benny Sørensen Operator, Antenna

OZ6ABA - Leif Nielsen Operator, Antenna

OZ2DAN - Dan Bang Operator, Antenna

OZ4ZB - Arne Nielsen Operator

OZ4AAL - Niels Ole Rasmussen Operator, support

OZ6BAM - Keld Larsen OZ5TO - Operator, support

5Q5R - Rune B. Broberg Operator, support, technology

5P2BA - Frank Garbelmann SSB Operator, OU5POLIO - Germany

DL8UD - Uwe SSB+CW operator, Germany