How can you be on-air with the DCA radio station?

What is the idea with DCA?

The idea of ​​the radio station in the old Henhouse is to have as many active radio amateurs as possible to participate in big and small contests. The facilities have been built through many years by Jan and Andrew, who are the two main forces behind the entire project and also among the initiators of the Danish Contest Academy.

In order for this to happen we have founded DCA where Active Contesters can become members. On the Members page, you can read how to sign up. We are becoming more and more members and it is a great help to keep up with so many activities that are happening in Stjaer.

What about equipment?

DCA has a lot of equipment and mostly there are two complete functional operator locations. This equipment is for you to borrow so you do not have to bring anything yourself. Look at the Technic page. You can also bring your own radio and other equipment. In fact, you can take all your stuff and connect it to the aerial cable at the operator's location - then you're driving. The antenna system is very advanced and changes in the intersection or elsewhere in the system are not allowed for you to do. Never move cables or plugs without a clear agreement by a local technician. If you have never operated from the station before, you will be guided in the use of the various computers and equipment, but radio stations we expect you to manage by your own.

prioritized activity?

We have prioritized the various events in DCA so that:

1. Multi/Multi tests always have first priority.

2. Multi/single tests comes as number two.

3. Single Operator tests come as number three.

4. DX hunting and the like comes like the raisin in the sausage end.

That is, if 2 events collide, this priority will come into force to accommodate as many members as possible.

How do you do?

Once you have found a Contest you would like to activate from DCA, you can start by looking at the Activity Calender to see if it's free or, if someone else already has booked. Remember that there is always room for two operators, so if you both can be active at the same time, then this is possible.

If there appears to be available space at the time, you may send an email to including your wishes - date, time, arrival, departure, equipment, name of test plus any other relevant information.

And remember your name and address as well as your phone number so we can contact you if we have any questions.

What is my price?

Membership of DCA is intended to be a support for the fixed costs, which are part of all technology, electricity and heating. Membership costs a minimum of 750, - Kr annually and it is optional if you may want to donate more to the operation. You can pay a lump sum or you can pay an amount every month - it's up to you.

The membership also provides "discount" when you want to be active from the station so that the expenses are assessed from time to time. Account number for payments is 5381 246955 Arbejdernes Landsbank OZ5E D.C.A. - Remember to write what the deposit covers.

Single Operator:

As a rule for members, when you have run a Single Operator test for a weekend, you may settle the electricity used. Depending on how long and with which effect you drive the price is between 150,- and 250,- Danish kroner. The price includes accommodation for one or two persons (bring sleeping bag/bed linen) also there is a bathroom and a kitchen. Food and drink may be brought by yourself (there are shopping opportunities in Stjaer town about 5 Km from here).

Multi Operator:

If you participate as a member of a Multi Operator test, there is usually a slightly larger account. The operators go together for food budgets, accommodation, shopping, electricity and so on, and then allocates costs between all participants when the test is over.

At Multi-operations there is a lot more planning for the group and there is always a cashier who takes care of the accounts and payment. DCA has nothing to do with that account, it is the operators who do all planning and administration for each event.

DX Hunting

If you want to be active as a member to contact some new countries or simply to enter the airwaves with a good signal, some hours in the afternoon or evening, you can make an appointment with Jan OZ1ADL from time to time.

It is also possible to be active from the station as a non-member. In this case there will be an individually agreed price for the individual activity. Also agreed with Jan OZ1ADL.


This was the practical information for you to get started.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

OZ1ADL Jan -

OZ2I Henning -

We are looking forward to see you in the Henhouse

Taastrupvej 70, Stjaer, 8464 Galten