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OZ2I Henning was active from the ChickenShack using the big vertical together with the new Beverage antenna system. Look at this site to see result and more informations:

January 15 - 2019

Updating the Beverage

Hello everyone!

I spent some time on the Beverage antennas today although it was rather cold....................

Everyone thought the Beverages were great but actually I was not happy with them. They were quiet but they were not too directional on 160m and there was some sort of interaction when more radios were connected and that should not happen.

I discovered that we had incorrect grounding at both feedpoints and that we also had used the same earth rod for both directions at the remote end of the Beverages. I added 4 more earth rods and corrected the mistake and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Much, much better front to back and still very quiet in 3 directions.

The village of Stjær does give some noise (South America and long path Japan) but not too bad and certainly better than before.

Look forward to trying this fantastic system!

73 de Andrew

Dear all

I want to thank you for your time spent afford to me , specially JAN and KENNETH. Kindly you can find some photo was taken in OZ land\denmark.html best regards OD5LN