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Welcome to OZ2I Amateur Radio site

I achieved my first licens in 1975. It was a category C including the telegraphy test with at least 60 wpm. The morsecode I had learned a year before when I was joining the Danish Army by the Telegraph troups. In 1989 I got a B license.

My transceiver has been an Elecraft K3 for more than 6 years now. In the meantime I have had a K2 +KPA100 and a KX3 +PA-100W which did not satisfy me at all. Before I got my K3 I had an Eagle from Ten-Tec and felt comfortable with that one too. A good receiver and a smooth CW QSK transmitter with a good signal. I sold the Eagle to get the K3 and was (still are) very happy with that.

Now again I have bought an Eagle and the receiver is still going strong but I miss some options like an extra key input for manual keying and some better communication with the CAT protocol.

It may be in the future that I go into programming the little Eagle, but for now I only use it some times when not participating in a Contest.

Contesting are my great interest - both from home, from DCA and from around the world. You will find stories about my traveling and my participation in different Contests.

My interests are: HF, CW and Contest

Shortwave, Telegraphy and Radiosport.