Award received

The award for participation in the Worked All Europe DX Contest 2018

I operated from the Danish Contest Academy radiostation in Stjaer and participated in the Single Operator, All Band, High Power category. This was one of the seldom contests in witch I actually used High Power. That makes a big difference in the S&P periods when it was much easier and therefor also much faster to get a contact. Also it was easier to receive QTC's because some DX stations do not want to bother with Low Power stations but gladly sends messages to EU's with good signals.

I wish a happy and peacefully Christmas time for you and for yours . Until I see you again - Best 73 Henning

Here you see the latest update of my DXCC status.

I got accounts for 6 different countries. All data retrieved from ARRL Logbook of The World.


NOVEMBER 24/25, 2018

November 20th I traveled to Albania to participate in the biggest Contest of the year.

It turned out to be some of a test and I got many nice contacts with my Elecraft K3 100 Watt and the new Windom 160-10m antenna.

As allways I used my UcxLog program and it worked great as usual.

Read more about my results here: CQWW-2018


NOVEMBER 16, 2018

October 6, together with more OZ HAMs, I was active from the German WW2 HQ Bunker in Skanderborg. As a team we participated in the yearly Enigma operation and exchanged some cryptic messages between the Bunker, using call sign OZ7SKB and other Enigma Special Event Stations in EU.

I am proud to receive this award as one of the CW operators. You can find more info at

The operator at work

OZ7SKB homepage

Enigma Reloaded homepage

Skanderborg Bunkerne


NOVEMBER 12, 2018

On November 19, I travel to Copenhagen and early in the morning of the 20th I will take a flight via Vienna to Tirana, Albania. With me, I bring my Elecraft K3, my Lenovo laptop, my DX Wire fiberglass mast and some wire and some balunes for antenna. Maybe there will be a litle room for some clothe :-)

My two friends ZA1U and ZA1F have booked a hotel - the same where I have stayed before. The owner is positiv and ZA1F Fatos has talked with him, so it's no problem to set up antennas on the roof of the 3 floor high hotel. Hotel Malvina is right next to the Adriatic Sea in the bay of Golem and is very flat, so no mountains are directly near in the northern and western directions.

I want to be CW active on the HF bands with priority on the WARC bands and 60 meter, where I will try to get a lot of QSO.

Watch out for me on DX Cluster and if possible, I will try to write here and on Facebook when I'm active.

Hopefully we get in contact on the airwaves.


NOVEMBER 12, 2018

I'm trying out a brand new design for my website. Many people use tablets and smartphones to browse the web, so it's an advantage if the website can be displayed in a reasonably easy-to-read version on these devices too.

With some help from W3CSS School I have programmed a dynamic and modern "Viewport" compatible website with a navigation menu similar to those used by various cms programs like WordPress, Jomla, etc.

This one I have made with the Google Sites CMS program. I expect it to be like a Blog, where I just uploads news when something exiting happens.

Also it has become more international, as you already have found out. I will try to do the typing in English (I give it a try). I do hope you give it a chance and that you like the way to navigate.

Vy 73 es CU de OZ2I Henning.