Oytun Ulutan

Ph.D Candidate in University of California. Santa Barbara

Graduate Student Researcher in Vision Research Lab


About Me

Welcome to my personal webpage. I am currently a graduate student in Vision Research Lab, working with Prof. B.S. Manjunath. My research area is Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Professional Experience

  • 6/2015 - Present: Vision Research Lab, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Conference Reviewer: CVPR - 2018 , ACCV - 2018
  • 6/2018 - 9/2018: IBM Research, Summer Research Intern
  • 6/2017 - 9/2017: IBM Research, Summer Research Intern
  • 1/2017 - 3/2017: Army Research Lab, Research Intern
  • 7/2016 - 8/2016: Army Research Lab, Research Intern
  • 6/2015- 8/2015: Vision Research Lab, Student Mentor. Projects Page
  • 1/2015 - 8/2015: ECE Department, Teaching Assistant


  • O. Ulutan, B.S. Riggan, N.M. Nasrabadi, B.S. Manjunath, "An Order Preserving Bilinear Model for Person Detection in Multi-Modal Data", Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, (WACV 2018), Lake Tahoe, USA, March 2018. Arxiv
  • ShreeRanjani SrirangamSridharan, Oytun Ulutan, Shehzad Noor Taus Priyo, Swati Rallapalli, Mudhakar Srivatsa, "Object Localization and Size Estimation from RGB-D Images", Arxiv, Pre-print. Arxiv
  • V. Acikel, O. Ulutan, A. C. Ozen, B. Akin, Y. Eryaman, E. Atalar, "A Novel MRI Based Electrical Properties Measurement Technique". International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2013), Salt Like City, USA, April 2013.


Modeling Person Actions and Interactions over Surveillance Videos

Current work. Will be updated.

Joint Classification and Detection Using LSTMs

UCSB & IBM Research Submission to ActivityNet Challenge 2017

Authors: Oytun Ulutan, Swati Rallapalli, Mudhakar Srivatsa, B.S. Manjunath

In collaboration with IBM Research.

Notebook Paper Link, also included in Challenge Summary

An Order Preserving Bilinear Model for Person Detection in Multi-Modal Data

Authors: Oytun Ulutan, Benjamin S. Riggan, Nasser M. Nasrabadi, B.S. Manjunath

Published in WACV2018.

In collaboration with Army Research Lab.

Paper Link: Arxiv

Code: Github

Poster - Spotlight Presentation - Spotlight Video

Undergraduate/Masters Projects

  • Smart Auditive Device: A device that is designed to notify hearing-impaired people of surrounding voices and sounds, using speech processing and machine learning Methods. (VHDL, C)

Received a funding offer for this project from Turkish Ministry of Industry.

  • Pedestrian Detection using a Camera: This system uses multiple cascade classifiers on multiple features (HOG, HAAR) to detect the pedestrian presence and orientation from the live feed. It has been implemented on both C++ and Android. OpenCV is widely used in both implementations.

Supervised by Prof. B.S. Manjunath.

  • Isolated Digit Recognizer: Speech recognition project that recognizes isolated digits from the recorded speech. This system uses Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients as features and detects the digit in the recorded speech.

Supervised by Prof. Lawrence Rabiner.

  • Smart Parking Lot Routing System: Wireless Networking Technologies course project. With three access points in an outdoor parking lot, user’s location is found using localization algorithms. After the user is located, he is guided to the empty parking space closest to his location. (Android)

Supervised by Prof. Ezhan Karasan.

  • Economic Data analysis: A course related project that consists of examining stock market and designing a method to predict future events. (Matlab)

Supervised by Prof. Serdar Kozat.

  • Speech Processing Project: A course related project that consists of obtaining a speech, classifying it and responding according to the speech. (VHDL, Analog Microphone Design)

Supervised by Prof. Tolga Mete Duman.

  • Digital Electronics, Phase detection system: This system determines the phase of an input signal with respect to another signal using a FPGA and a microprocessor. (VHDL, C)

Supervised by Prof. Ziya Ider, Presented to ABET as an example project.

  • Digital Design Project, Digital Thermometer: This system determines the temperature of the room using a sensor driven by a FPGA. (VHDL)

Supervised by Prof. Ergin Atalar

  • Programming Project, Panoramic Map: Designed a program which displays panoramic photos of Bilkent University campus using Java. (Java)

Supervised by Prof. Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu