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Discover one of the most remote and stunning valleys in the Pamirs with us! We will go up to Roshorv and discover a village called Devlokh which is a two hour foot walk away from the "road". Additional Sarez Lake Tour available.

$ 650 / person / 4 days

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We will start from Dushanbe and drive along the Afghan border towards Khorog after that be go on to Ishkashim. On the way we will pass the first highlight of the tour, Gharm Chashma Hotspring. The tour will continue through the Wakhan Valley, including all the sights along the way. We will visit Yamchun Fortress, the Petroglyphs in Langar, the Museum in Yamg and of course having a bath in Bibi Fotima Hot Spring. After we passed the last village of the Wakhan Valley, the road will lead us up the mountains towards the Khargush Pass on 4.344m altitude. The route will take us to Murghab and Karakul, before we leave Tajikistan towards Kyrgyzstan. The final destination is Osh.

As all tours, this one is guided by a local, english speaking guide who will provide you with a lot information about the region.

10 days // 3 Pers. // $ 895/person

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Discover with us the High Pamir Plateau. "Murghabski Rayon" is a incredibly beautiful high mountain desert with just few people living here. Sleep in traditional Kyrgyz jurts and discover with us all the beauty of Lake Karakul, Bulunkul, Yashilkul and spectacular Geysirs.

We will bring you to the most remote corners of Murghabski Rayon which are difficult to access.

$ 650 / person / 4 days

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