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Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture 2024    

2024 marks 30 years since the death of Dorothy Hodgkin and 60 years since she received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, acknowledging her work on the structures of Vitamin B12, penicillin and insulin using xray crystallography.

She remains the only British woman to have been awarded a Nobel Prize in science.


date:           Friday 8th  March 2024

venue:        Flora Anderson Hall,  Somerville College,   Woodstock Road,  Oxford,  OX2 6HD

speaker:   Professor Irene Tracey  CBE FRS FMedSci,  Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford

     ‘Seeing Pain: A Window on the Human Brain through Neuroimaging’

register:   https://www.some.ox.ac.uk/news-events/event/dorothy-hodgkin-lecture/

Part of the Oxford International Women's Festival.

WOMEN'S   JOURNEYS,    Oxford City of Sanctuary

Friday 1st March   — Sunday 17th  March 2024


Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lectures

These lectures celebrate the achievements of Dorothy Hodgkin (1910 - 1994), UK's only woman Nobel Laureate (1964) in Chemistry. They are held annually, usually in March.

The Lecture was originally set up by Anne Mobbs in 1998 as part of the The Oxford International Women's Festival.

The event is supported by Oxford AWiSE (who are responsible for organising and publicising the lecture),  Somerville College (where Dorothy Hodgkin was a student and tutor) and in  the past,  Oxford University Museum of Natural History   (where she pursued much of her research).

List of all Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lectures

Click to see reports of the lectures. 

Professor Louise Johnson, "Dorothy Hodgkin and penicillin" , 4/3/99.

Professor Judith Howard, "The Interface of Chemistry and Biology Increasingly in Focus" , 13/3/00.

Professor Jenny Glusker, "Vitamin B12 and Dorothy: Their impact on structural science", 15/05/01.

Professor Pauline Harrison CBE, ''From Crystallography to Metals, Metabolism and Medicine'', 05/03/02.

Dr Claire Naylor, "Pathogenic Proteins : how bacterial agents cause disease'', 04/03/03.

Dr Margaret Adams, "A Piece in the Jigsaw: G6PD – The protein behind an hereditary disease", 09/03/04.

Dr. Margaret Rayman, "Selenium in cancer prevention", 10/03/05.

Dr Elena Conti, "Making sense of nonsense: structural studies of RNA degradation and disease", 09/03/06.

Professor Jenny Martin, "The name's Bond - Disulphide Bond", 06/03/07.

Professor E. Yvonne Jones, "Postcards from the surface: The Structural Biology of Cell-Cell Communication", 04/03/08.

Professor Pamela J. Bjorkman, "Your mother's antibodies: How you get them and how we might improve them to combat HIV", 11/03/09.

Professor Elspeth Garman, "Crystallography one century A.D. (after Dorothy)", 9/03/10.

Professor Eleanor Dodson, "Mathematics in the Service of Crystallography", 10/03/11.

Professor Susan Lea, "Bacterial secretion systems - using structure to build towards new therapeutic opportunities", 05/03/13.

Professor Carol Robinson, "Finding the Right Balance", 11/03/14.

Professor Petra Fromme, "A New Era in Structural Biology", 12/03/15.

Professor Kay Davies, "Therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy: time for optimism", 4/03/16.

Professor Dame Janet Thornton, "From Molecules to Medicine ", 10/03/17.

Professor Veronique Gouverneur, "Fabulous Fluorine", 06/03/18.

Professor Katherine Blundell, "Black Holes and spinoffs", 06/03/19.

Professor Dame Julia Higgins "Seeing is Believing", 04/03/21.

Dr Pippa Wells   "What has particle physics ever done for me?", 01/03/22.  

Professor Julia Yeomans  " Nature's  Engines: Powering Life ",  09/03/23.

Oxford Science Lecture Series / Other activities

We also run a general lecture series featuring prominent women researchers from all areas of science and technology. A list of all the lectures held so far is given below. Other activities include occasional social events and discussion meetings.

Previous lectures

Professor Susan Greenfield, "How does the brain generate consciousness?", 4/12/96.

Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, "Pulsar Puzzles" , 13/3/97.

Anne Leeming, "Preparing for IT's next surprise" , 15/5/97.

Professor Kay Davies, "Challenges of Muscular Dystrophy" , 24/11/97.

Professor Wendy Savage, "Are there limits to reproductive choice?" , 5/3/98.

Dr Jackie Akhavan, "The Chemistry of Fireworks" (sponsored jointly with the Oxford Trust), 24/6/98.

Professor Ann Dowling, "Singing Flames that Break... Power Stations and Jet Engines", 15/10/98.

Dr Valerie Noyes, "The Secret Life of the Humble Proton", 19/11/98.

Dr Helen Mason, "The Dynamic Sun" (sponsored jointly with the Oxford Trust), 30/6/99.

Ruth MacDonald, "Climate Studies from 1860 - 2100: Is our climate really changing?" (sponsored jointly with the Oxford University Museum of Natural History ), 28/10/99.

Dr Jenny Cory, "Environmentally acceptable insecticides: are GMOs an option?", (sponsored jointly with the Oxford University Museum of Natural History ), 2/12/99.

Professor Sue Roaf and Dr Anne Wheldon, "What will life be like in 2050?", (sponsored jointly with the Oxford Trust), 21/6/00.

Dr Marion Wooldridge, "From fear of flying to risky shift - approaches to risk in an uncertain world", 19/10/00.

Louise Allen, "The Pulling Power of Plants", 7/12/00.

Professor Julia King, "Powering a better world: clean, versatile gas-turbine power for the 21st century", 2/3/01.

Dr Jill Urban, "Cartilage and your joints - from cradle to grave", 4/12/01.

Dr Angela McLean ''Where did BSE come from, and where is scrapie going?'', sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, 22/01/02.

Dr Angela Gallop, ''Forensic Science: Principles and Practice'', (sponsored jointly with the Oxford Trust), 27/06/02.

Dr Sarah Gurr, "GM Plants: A Golden Harvest?", 31/10/02.

Dr Catherine Hobbs, "Unlocking the Mystery of Secret Codes", 05/12/02.

Janet Thorn, "Cafe Science (or you are what you eat)", (sponsored jointly with the Oxford Trust), 26/06/03.

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