Miami Beach & Boca Raton Waterfront

Miami Beach and Boca Raton Real Estate sales

Miami Beach and Boca Real Estate and especially waterfront Miami Beach and Boca Raton real estate sales are by general acceptance some of the most rewarding investments in the USA.

The South Florida climate is very warm year around and it is defined as having 2 seasons the rainy and the dry. The rainy season is also called the low season because the amount of locals as well as visitors decreases since the heat and the high relative humidity factor make outdoors living uncomfortable. The dry season, also called high season, it is the exact opposite.

During the past 2 decades the geographic area extending from Boca Raton to Miami Beach enjoyed an unprecedented construction boom that added value to the already booming Florida state economy. Thousands of single family homes along with townhouses and condos were built along this coastal geographic corridor along with new schools, libraries and places of worship.

Oxbow Realty services the Boca Raton to Miami Beach area and can definitely assist you in finding your next investment.

The Miami oceanfront real estate market is in high demand by domestic as well as international clients. The same applies with the Boca Raton waterfront market. We have the knowledge to help you select the best location for your investments on either markets.

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