26th of Jaunary

Oxford Quantum Group Workshop 2021

Welcome to the annual Oxford Quantum Group Workshop - 2021 edition!

Virtually crawl out of your lockdown bunker the day of Tuesday, January 26 on Teams. The deadline to submit your abstract is one week prior to event date ---- 11:59 PM UK time on January 19. All members of the quantum group are encouraged to give a short 10-minute talk.

People who are not directly in the quantum group are also encouraged to participate; for example, those whose research is related to (but not limited to): quantum computation, information and foundations, category theory, QNLP, functional programming.

We'll follow with discussion, then virtual festivities in Bob's Pub!

For any questions, contact the organizers:

Lia Yeh: lia.yeh@cs.ox.ac.uk

Cole Comfort: cole.comfort@cs.ox.ac.uk

Fatimah Ahmadi: fatimah.ahmadi@seh.ox.ac.uk

or Element chat

Let us know if you'll be attending!