Mr. Nowak is in his seventh year as director of bands at Oak Valley.

Sixth Grade Band

We have two sixth grade bands that are heterogeneously grouped, meaning students are not separated by experience level. There are no chair placements and we do have occassional performance tests. Sixth grade band focuses on helping students build on the foundation develped by our district's outstanding elementary music teachers. Sixth grade band is also the best time to switch to a more unique instrument. Our program has tubas, bassoons, French horns, oboes, baritones, trombones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones, and bass clarinets to lend to students. Every level of band benefits from having these diverse tonal colors.

Seventh Grade Band

We have two seventh grade Concert Bands, also heterogeneously grouped. Students play more challenging literature in these groups and often have more opportunities to play off-campus at the Poway Band and Orchestra Festival and at a Disneyland Instrument Soundrack Workshop.

Eight Grade Band - Wind Ensemble

The music and opportunities continue to expand in Wind Ensemble. In addition to Festival, Wind Ensemble performs with Del Norte's marching band for a football night and students may have the opportunity to travel to Anaheim for a 4-day WorldStrides Festival.

Any student in any grade is welcome to sign up for band as a beginner.


Choir Director: Rebecca Fallentine

Through participation in Oak Valley's Choir Program, students will develop creativity, sensitivity, self-confidence, and learn to work as a team. Singers will learn to effectively express thoughts, values, and emotions that are sometimes difficult to express through words alone. Learning outcomes of the Choir Program include exposure and practice of Solfeggio Sight-Reading, Music Theory / History, Classical and Comtemporary Choral Music Repertoire, Critical Listening, and Consistent Tone Production.

Miss Fallentine loves children and teaching them to sing is her specialty! She received her undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and her Master's Degree in secondary education from National University. Miss Fallentine began her love of music singing as a child and continued it in high school by playing the trumpet in her school's pep and jazz bands, brass quintet, and symphonic winds. She also participated in choir and sang in All State Choir. She now sings with a professional choir that has recorded albums, toured around the United States, and has performed for the National ACDA convention. Miss Fallentine has taught at Oak Valley for several years, teaching choir, math, and science. For fun she runs marathons, climbs mountains, lifts weights, and volunteers in her local church.

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We currently offer three periods of orchestra for our students taught by Ms. Vigil. Period 2 is our 6th grade orchestra. In this orchestra, we cover everything from basics of the instrument to playing your final note. The range of musicianship for string players at this age varies much more widely than for wind players.

Some students start violin as young as three years old, while some begin playing in 6th grade. 6th grade is a great time for students to switch from violin to viola, cello, or bass. Our program has these instruments to lend to students. Our ensembles sound best when we have a balance of all these instruments.

Period 4 and Period 8 are our 7th/8th grade orchestras, taught by Ms. Vigil. In these classes, the students are exposed to more challenging repertoire as they continue to further work on their strengthening musical skills.

Any student is welcome to join orchestra in any grade.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is offered to seventh and eighth grade music students opposite their Connections class. This class is shorter in duration and explores more advanced styles of music than the block period classes; therefore, students need to have the foundation of musicianship taught in our electives to be successful.

Jazz Band is taught by Mr. Nowak and consists of around 25 students. Jazz band instrumentation includes alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Students are selected by audition in the spring of each year. Not every slot is open to audition every year. Because of its small size and high musicianship level, jazz band has a very active performance schedule playing for community events, school events, and festivals throughout the year.