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What is YouTube TV? How tv/start enter code Works?

Almost everyone in the world knows the name of Youtube, as it is one of the most-watched or searched online video streaming platforms till date. Initially, it was created by three former employees of Paypal in February 2005, and acquired by Google in November 2006 for the US $1.65 Billion. So now it counts as a subsidiary of Google, which is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. which is primarily based in the United States of America.

I know that you are here to know about Youtube TV, so without wasting any of your quality time let's Start.

Youtube Tv is a Premium video streaming platform that offers online streaming of various TV shows, Movies, and web series on more than 80+ channels. After analyzing the interest of people around the world towards online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Tv, or Hulu Live, Youtube launches Youtube Tv in April 2017.

At start Youtube Tv is only limited to some part of the USA, after seeing its popularity it is now available in most of the countries around the world. Youtube is now looking to expand it even more. The main reason behind the success of Youtube tv is affordability with a huge list of premium Tv channels.

A subscription to Youtube tv can be bought at $64.99 per month at the official youtube website. Once you are done with the subscription you are good to go, and from now on you are able to watch any of your favorite shows anytime you want.

How To Activate YouTube via enter code?

To Activate and keep youtube tv running on your device at first you have to go to the official web portal of youtube activate, to get an activation code by using your smartphone or computer. After getting the youtube/activate code, one can start streaming youtube tv on any platform they like i.e. Apple Tv, Google Chromecast, Mac, Windows, Android phone, iPhones.

Activate Youtube on Apple Tv via tv/start

  1. Open Youtube App on your Apple tv, If it is not available download one from the Apple store.

  2. To use Youtube Tv At first, you have to activate it.

  3. Now go to login via your Mobile phone or laptop/computer.

  4. Enter all of the required details to create a new account or you can use an older one as well.

  5. As you confirm your location, note down the youtube account activation code visible on the screen.

  6. Now enter the code on your apple tv to activate youtube tv by visiting enter code.

  1. login into your PS3 with your google account.

  2. Now open settings using the “X” button on the console.

  3. An activation code will be generated on the screen.

  4. Open login via your Mobile phone or laptop/computer.

  5. Login to your account and enter the activation code in the field.

  6. Now you have done YouTube activate.

  1. Open the youtube app on your Xbox One.

  2. login into your XBOX One with your google account.

  3. Now open settings using the “X” button on the console.

  4. An activation code will be generated on the screen.

  5. Open login via your Mobile phone or laptop/computer.

  6. Login to your account and enter the activation code in the field.

  7. Now you have done YouTube Activate.

The youtube activation process mentioned above for apple tv is the same for most streaming devices. still, if you are having any trouble, activating youtube feel free to give us at not working

As of now, we know how to activate youtube tv on our streaming device. But sometimes tv/start enter code or the activation process doesn’t work on your device. If you are suffering from the same, then you must try one of the steps mentioned below and select the one which works for you.

  1. Restarting your streaming device will work like a charm in many cases when your YouTube Activate doesn’t work.

  2. Check your internet connection and reload tv/start enter code page cause there might be some internet issue.

  3. Try some other device like your laptop, or mobile phone.

  4. Clear all of your browsing history, cookies from your google account, and then try activating your youtube again.

If the tips mentioned above are not working for you, then try to get help from the customer support of youtube at any moment of time.


Youtube is the best online platform that provides various types of content for its users for free. The above-mentioned methods can help you with the activation of youtube tv on your streaming device via tv/start enter code. If you need some expert assistance while doing so, you can contact our experts via the chat button given on the side.