Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Outperform on Twitter

Twitter can be a tremendous asset and a great tool to help you or your business improve engagement and outperform in a noisy market. According to, there were 330 million monthly active users by the end of the 2017 third quarter. A tweet drowning in tweets seems like a realistic fate without proper strategy.

Sure, you can bang on with the basic functions and hope for the best. But why settle? With a bit of digging and some elbow grease, Twitter can become a fun playground to connect and engage with others.

To start, an important question to ask is, "What exactly are these tweets accomplishing?" The answer to this question goes beyond retweets and likes. The activity dashboard linked to a Twitter account highlights analytics crucial to tweet development. The dashboard analytics reveal information such as impressions, how many times a link is clicked, and how many times a profile is accessed. This function gives a user a good idea of what tweets are working and how these tweets are working. In turn, this can help formulate more relevant tweets that engage more people.

The activity dashboard can also track the interests, locations, and demographics of followers. This tool is essential because it empowers a user to cater content and tweets to his or her specific audience. The analytics dashboard is a great start to create tweets that are relevant and target specific. So, it's time to start tweeting, right? Well, yes and no.

Sending out the most epic tweet of all time will not matter if no one sees it. In the social media arena, timing is everything. Most studies show that social media is accessed Monday thru Thursday, roughly between noon and 3 pm. Thursday at noon was a particular hot spot. Tip #3: Pre-weekend tweets is where it's at folks.

For those of us that cannot be bothered, there is a way to tweet on cruise control. However, this feature is only available on Twitter through their ad products. It allows a user to schedule tweets up to a year in advance. Now that tweets are out, how is visibility maximized and what in the world do we do with those once-in-a-lifetime epic tweets?

Promote it! Now, promoting does not come as a free perk. It will cost you, therefore, promoting every tweet would not be strategic or economical. For the tweets the world just has to see - go for it!

The last trick for maximizing your time and energy on Twitter is to Create a New Moment. This feature allows you to clump a compilation of tweets together to help tell a complete story. That's right, no more lag time while you catch your breath and have at the keyboard as you try to make a point. With this feature, no thoughts, ideas, opinions, or stories, are ever broken.

Using Twitter on a basic level will obviously yield basic results. The tips and tricks above will help create targeted tweets, maximize visibility, and share complete and epic stories.