Outlook 365 Login - Sign in to your Outlook Account and Change or Update the Email Setting

Microsoft Outlook is a highly advanced personal information administrator application offered by Microsoft. It comes with a wide range of services, like Outlook people, Calendar application, Task management, Contact manager, or email services, to name a few. After performing the easy Outlook 365 login procedure on your PC, you will get access to its benefits. One of the most outstanding and unique functions that it has is Microsoft Clutter. It helps you filter emails that are of utmost relevance. In addition to this, it scrutinizes your pattern of choice of mail and keeps track of the emails you ignore or prioritize. However, it is up to you whether you want to enable or disable the Clutter feature. Ultimately, it helps you enhance your productivity by keeping all the work tasks organized. Therefore, you must log in to your Outlook account with the help of the simple guidelines we have given in this write-up. Along with the Outlook 365 login method, the blog also includes the process to change or update the email account settings in Outlook for Windows PC.

Steps to Sign In to Outlook 365

Outlook 365 login helps you organize your emails to focus on what matters the most. You must follow the below steps to access your Outlook 365 account and use its mind-blowing features:-

outlook 365 login
  • Firstly, you need to make sure that you're using an updated version of your web browser.

  • Secondly, you should go to the URL bar of the browser and enter “outlook.com” into it.

  • Then, press the “Enter” key.

  • Then, you will be led to the official webpage of Outlook.

  • Here, you have to navigate to the upper-right corner of the page to select the “Log in” tab.

  • Hence, click on the “Log in” button.

  • Now, the login window will appear on the screen.

  • Note: you will need Outlook 365 login credentials to enter here.

  • On the login window, you should enter your email address in the required slot. Apart from this, you can also enter the phone number you registered with your Outlook account.

  • After entering the phone number or email address, you should hit the “Next” button.

  • Now, the next window will appear.

  • Here, you have to enter your login password and proceed with the next step.

  • We recommend you to click in the “Keep me signed in” box. However, it is entirely optional. Thus, if you do not want to save your login credentials and avail the auto-fill feature, the next time you try logging in, you can skip this step.

After this, you should hit the “Sign In” button to complete the Outlook 365 login procedure.

How to change or update the email account settings in Outlook?

If you have made any changes to your email settings, you must change them in your Outlook account too. You can change or update the email settings in Outlook by following the detailed procedure given below:-

  • Firstly, you need to open Outlook on your Windows PC.

  • After this, select the “File” option.

  • Now, you should use the dropdown menu given under the “Account Information” to select the account that you want to change or update.

  • After this, you should select the “Account Settings,” and from the list, you should choose the type of information that you want to change:-

  • Account Settings: it enables you to add or remove the accounts. In addition, you can also change the server settings and access other features.

  • Account Name and Sync Settings: here, you can update the friendly name for the account. You can also decide how many emails you’d like to synchronize daily.

  • Server Settings: You can change the Outlook 365 login information, i.e., password, server name, authentication settings, or port.

  • Manage Profiles: You can add or remove profiles and change the profile settings.

  • Commonly, users change the “Server Settings.”

  • You are required to enter your Username and Password, enter server ID and Port, and other detail.

  • You can either select the “Incoming Mail” or “Outgoing Mail” to change various server settings.

  • Note: you can also update your email password here (if you have changed the password with your email provider).

  • Once you have done updating your settings, you should click on the “Next” option. After clicking on the next, you can hit the “Done” tab.

  • Now, you have successfully updated your email settings in your Microsoft Outlook account.

The above information helped you access your Outlook account using the easy Outlook 365 Login steps given here. All the guidelines are provided in a straightforward manner to make it utterly uncompleted for all users. In addition to the login process, we also explained how you can change or update the email settings in your Outlook account.

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