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Microsoft, a multinational technology company, offers a subscription line called Office 365 . Office 365 provides a range of useful services and products like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office apps, Microsoft Office 365 Education, other hosted services, to name a few.

What is Microsoft Outlook 365?

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information administration application from Microsoft. Their services include:

  • Mail service

  • Outlook People

  • Outlook tasks

  • Calendar app

  • Task management

  • Contact manager in Office 365 subscriptions

Microsoft’s Clutter feature helps you filter priority and relevant emails by remembering your preferences. Microsoft’s Clutter examines your mail choice pattern, keeps track of skipped, most favorite mails, and organizes them in a folder in Outlook. Clutter is your choice if you want to enable or disable this feature after logging into Outlook 365 .


With the Outlook 365 connection, you can

  • Manage your emails to focus on what matters most.

  • Schedule appointments, meetings, or other important dates on the calendar.

  • Share files and keep others informed of changes or work together.

  • Stay productive and stay connected wherever you are.

The list of benefits doesn’t end when you sign in to Microsoft 365. You are notified when the latest version or updates for Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 are available.

To access the Outlook e-mail connection

  1. Go to office.com, select “ Login

  2. If you already have an Outlook e-mail connection account, proceed by signing in. Otherwise, click on “Create an Outlook e-mail connection account”.

  3. Add your email address or phone number that you want to use to sign in to Outlook 365.

  4. Or you can opt to “get a new email address”.

  5. Enter the security code provided in your email or phone number.

  6. “Confirm” the process.

You can now access the Outlook Mail connection and get your documents when and where you want, using your mobile or computer device.

How to download the Outlook 365 sign-in app

The Outlook 365 Connection app is available on Android and iOS. With this you get

  • Microsoft Word,

  • PowerPoint and

  • Excel – all in one place.

  • An option to create notes, and

  • To use a feature called “Lens” to scan a document and save it as a photo or as a PDF to save it in the cloud.

You can access Outlook email connection on your PC, Android, iOS and Mac. Microsoft offers an Outlook subscription that contains a premium version of Microsoft Office on all your devices where you can use the Outlook 365 connection email and get regular updates and additional 1TB cloud storage. The Outlook connection 365 works with updated versions of Office and updated browsers.


How do I install Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365?

  1. Visit account.microsoft.com

  2. Sign in with the Microsoft 365 sign -in email address .

  3. Follow the instructions provided to you on your screen.

  4. Once you install Office or Microsoft 365, your device will create icons for its access.

Change device to use the Outlook 365 connection

  • If you want to change the device but you use the Outlook 365 connection on a maximum number of PCs, mobiles or any other device:

  • Visit account.microsoft.com

  • Disable your Outlook email connection from any device

  • Once deactivated, you will be able to install Microsoft on your new device.

Read-only mode: If you’ve saved your documents locally on the disabled devices, the Outlook 365 connection prevents editing and puts it in read-only mode after you turn off that device.

Microsoft 365 Login Product Key

  • What it is: When you purchase a Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 subscription, you get a unique 25 character product key.

  • Uses: You can use this product key to use and activate Office or Microsoft 365 products.

  • Where to find it: You can find it behind the card inside the packaging or on the receipt.

  • Associate the Outlook 365 connection with your purchased subscriptions: this will help you connect to any device and install or manage it.

We recommend: To keep your Microsoft 365 product key safe, as proof of purchase.

Try before you buy – Microsoft is giving you the option to try out the Microsoft 365 family at no cost for one month. In this trial, you can use Microsoft features, such as full desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publishers, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access and Microsoft OneNote. You also get an additional 1TB of cloud storage from OneDrive and an hour from Skype.

Conclusion –

The Outlook 365 Connection is a personal information administrator application through which you can access your documents, appointments and data. Microsoft 365 provides its own app where you can use your Outlook 365 connection and access Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Notes, and mobile scanner. It is best to use Outlook 365 connection with an updated device, browser, and system to avoid delays or cyber threats.