Many people leave the idea of accessing the outlook mail as outlook cannot connect to server. While accessing this client emailing software, it shows some error prompt message. Handling this complex error is not easy for any normal user. Being the standard emailing protocol, it is not good idea to leave this application immediately. It is obvious to make correction in the faulty part of this email. Is outlook not connecting to server even filling the all related credential details? What will you see consequence in this condition? At that time, both sender and receiver cannot enjoy the emailing attitude.

Outlook won’t connect means that you cannot be active in the process of email transfer. In other words, you do not receive the message regarding the new outlook inbox pop-up message. The troubled person should make their worthy effort to resolve the outlook emailing connection problem. If your outlook emailing box contains less error, then it is not hard for anyone to restructure the initial functioning. But, you don't need to face a type of problem in your outlook server. Sometimes, the minute error does not take time to improve. On the other times, it is not under the administration of the common person. No need to worry while confronting the outlook server issue.

Taking the guidance and suggestion of the outlook technical support team is obvious while doing office related job. Since the accessibility of the outlook account is everywhere, each emailing client has the priority to open it wherever they want. What will you do in case the same problem exist in your home for connecting the outlook emailing server? Well, it is the obvious thing that you cannot find the expert help immediately and remote assistance is great idea to resolve all problems.

Having gone through different typical errors, you should not lose your temper and move newly developed outlook emailing server. Do not repent over the existence of the outlook emailing account creation. Every problem has a solution, but the concerned person should reach the most concerned troubleshooting tips. It is not necessary that all outlook server connection problems would be solved through only tricks and methods. Instead of the outlook failure problem, you need to search for the most suitable troubleshooting tricks.

Before these tricks in the real-time action, you would have to take the self-analyzing to implement which tricks and methods to resolve outlook problems. In case the problem would not resolve through one method, then you should move ahead on other troubleshooting tips. It would be better that you should use the underneath problem resolving tricks. After that, it would be best if you verified that outlook could connect the exchange server or not.


It is not good to admit the prompt error message on your computer screen that outlook is not connecting to the server. In case you accept this error message in your professional life scenario, you cannot communicate in the professional client and general emailing read out as well. While you make mind using the troubleshooting methods, you should follow all instructions sequentially. Do not implement any steps in arbitrary methods. It is the best idea that you must try on the simple methods and check out whether it will work or not.

In case first method does not work, then you do not late to move in the second methods. You ought to try on different troubleshooting tricks unless it holds the capability to resolve the outlook can't connect to server. Flourishing the assertive output is beneficial for you as outlook cannot connect to the server is no more. Here, you will achieve the possible output improvement result as the server connecting is not overwhelming you again and again.


It is often noticed that the outlook emailing thread does not work, and making the client relationship is an uphill task. Finding this error means that your outlook emailing sets in the offline mode. Likewise, for any other product, there are many other versions available. As per the work usability, an individual should select it from the most feasible version to feed entertainment and business accomplishment requirements. No matter what outlook emailing versions you are using, you must navigate on the file menu and check out that the checkmark is enabled to the offline mode or not. If it lies in offline mode, it is good to change it into online mode by removing checkmarks. Having done uncheck, you will find the most concerning inline status results.

Are you using the latest version of the outlook emailing version? In case your answer is assertive, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First of all, you must click on send/receive button.

  • Now, you have to look out for the work offline button.

  • At last, you have to tap on the offline button.

Now, you would have to reach the bottom of the outlook window and try to experiment on trying to reconnect. By doing so, there is a high possibility to get outlook to connect with the server.


Many times, it is the best option to close the outlook account and restart to get the previous activities. That’s why we suggest that you must have to restart your outlook account to experience the most feasible functionality. But, there is a little bit of possibility that your concerned problem cannot be resolved, and it is hard to let the outlook server connect. But, you do not lose your hope for connecting the outlook account to the server. Hence, it would be a better option that you should restart your computer as well. This issue will take place in the real-time scenario as the computer has a connectivity issue. The outlook account cannot connect to your computer as the internal file location of outlook is not up to mark.


Peeping into your outlook account, and you will find two types of file .pst and .ost. Both extension file likely has some fatal error such outlook connectivity server issues. So, you must follow the below-mentioned steps to reconstruct and rebuild data files.

  1. It is a wise step to close the outlook account.

  2. After that, you ought to open the start button and select the control panel to verify what exists.

  3. Now, you would have to search the mail icon and tap on this icon.

  4. After that, you have to open the new windows and click on data files.

  5. Fetch the file name with the same email address.

  6. It is the right time to open the file location tab.

  7. If your file has the .ost extension, then you can give it a right-click on its extension name to the old file. Please do not change the file name provided that it has .pst extension.

  8. Lastly, it is good to close all open file names and reopen your outlook account very soon.

By doing this, your outlook account will start to create its most useful and all related file within minutes. It is likely to take the file re-development takes place around 10 minutes to 1 hour. This timing will depend on this fact how many outlook files you are creating. Do not close the outlook account unless the progressing of the outlook is on the active stage.

As soon as this work would be complete, a message will display on your computer screen which says all folders are up-to-date.

In the absence of .ost file, but the presence of .pst file, an individual should follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open C:\programs files and C:\programs files in windows explorer file.

  • After that, you have to type scanpst.exe in the search box.

  • Now, you would have to double-click on the file to run related programs.

  • Henceforth, you will get the already .pst and .ost file.

  • After that, you click on start.

In addition to this, you can scan some related files and make the deserved correction to them. Now, you are at the closing edge of outlook cannot connect to the server. If you have confusion, then you can call our technical support team.