The Outhouse - Smallest Novelty Bar in Florida

Is the Outhouse really the smallest bar in Florida? Roadside America, Atlas Obscura Tripadvisor, and Narcity recently designated the Outhouse as the smallest bar in Florida which is even smaller than the smallest bar in Key West! The Outhouse can hold 2 patrons and the bartender at any time.

Is the Outhouse the oldest bar in Florida? The oldest bar in Florida is The Palace, but, now the smallest bar in Florida is located about 5 minutes away in Fernandina Beach located at the Artisan Village property.

Can I host a private party at the Outhouse? Yes, we have a large garden area around the Outhouse which can hold up to 100 guests comfortably. Contact us for rates and details.

Was the Outhouse really an Outhouse? Technically, the structure resembled an outhouse, but, this structure was more of a real bathroom as we know it. There was a toilet, sink and a storage area. The plumbing and electrical connections were not connected when Artisan Village was created in 2018. Construction on the Outhouse involved removing the sink, toilet and removing and replacing the door and frame so it opened outward instead of inward.

Is the ceiling really made of wine corks? The ceiling of the Outhouse is covered with about 2,000 corks, all hand-glued. Most of the corks were donated by the public.

What are all the photos on the walls of the Outhouse? There are roughly 200+ photos of celebrities in bars or drinking through the years.

We heard that we can sign our names on the walls of the Outhouse? Yes, there are markers available to sign your name or leave a fun doodle.

When can I visit the Outhouse? The Outhouse is open for display during Artisan Village business hours which is Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-5pm. You can rent the Outhouse for special events outside of these hours. Contact us for rental information.

Can I get married in the Outhouse? Yes. Contact us for details.